frosted glass wallpapers, the big bang and eternal inflation

frosted glass wallpaper

H/T to MIT’s blog for this link to First Observational Tests of Eternal Inflation or astronomers find some cosmic bubbles which points to another angle on the possibility of multiverses. From the abstract ( they have made the full paper available as a pdf at the link),

The eternal inflation scenario predicts that our observable universe resides inside a single bubble embedded in a vast multiverse, the majority of which is still undergoing super-accelerated expansion. Many of the theories giving rise to eternal inflation predict that we have causal access to collisions with other bubble universes, opening up the possibility that observational cosmology can probe the dynamics of eternal inflation. We present the first observational search for the effects of bubble collisions, using cosmic microwave background data from the WMAP satellite. Using a modular algorithm that is designed to avoid a posteriori selection effects, we find four features on the CMB sky that are consistent with being bubble collisions. If this evidence is corroborated by upcoming data from the Planck satellite, we will be able to gain insight into the possible existence of the multiverse.

One of the article references is this paper from 2007 – Eternal Inflation, past and future

Cosmological inflation, if it occurred, radically alters the picture of the `big bang’, which would merely point to reheating at the end of inflation. Moreover, this reheating may be only local, so that inflation continues elsewhere and forever, continually spawning big-bang-like regions. This chapter reviews this idea of `eternal inflation’, then focuses on what this may mean for the ultimate beginning of the universe. In particular, I will argue that given eternal inflation, the universe may be free of a cosmological initial singularity, might be eternal (and eternally inflating) to the past, and might obey an interesting sort of cosmological time-symmetry.

As noted in the most observational test paper they are awaiting further data. While not conclusive the math does seem to work out – the equations are in the paper. This does not amount to a theory as yet. The work of the four scientists from England, Canada and the U.S. does seem to pin point some anomalies that are not accounted for in the single universe account of the Big Bang.

frosted glass wallpaper

50 Most Creative Free WordPress Themes Of Year 2010. In order to use them straight out of the box one would have to go with a hosted blog rather than the free theme-free host option. On the other hand I was wondering if a blogger could not just buy the CSS upgrade and copy and paste the code of their preferred theme.

frosted glass wallpaper. i went for a muted realistic tone, but using an action, plug-in or playing with the curves and saturation it is easy to bump this up to a brighter green.

The Anti-American Chamber Of Commerce Lobbied To Help GOP Kill Bill To Provide Health Care To 9/11 First Responders. In order to get tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of of the population. There is no class warfare in America? Only in the con book of fairy tales.

Steampunk R2-D2 Robot Made From Recycled Materials. Some obsessive creativity pays off once in a while.

And some things are just so wrong – Good Samaritans Face Fine After Rescuing Deer From Icy Water

Strangers banded together to pull a deer out of the freezing water of the Patapsco River on Thursday night.

“We seen the deer going under,” said Khalil Abusakran. “It couldn’t maintain.  It was starting to freeze, and it was really getting bad.”

Abusakran brought a raft, and Jim Hart joined him.

A natural resources police office watched them perform the rescue as they entered and exited the water a few times, saying nothing. Then writes them a $90 ticket – which is presumably for not wearing life vests. Since the local age requirement for vests is 16 and under it doesn’t make much sense.

ice cystals on glass

frosted glass wallpaper