the hand of man, money issues drain thinking

The Hand of Man

The Hand of Man, 1902, Photogravure. Photographer Alfred Stieglitz. Quite a few people were concerned about the effects of industrialization on society and the tormentor. The Industrial Revolution may have improved life for many people, but it did so at a price. One of those pivotal moments in history where the powers that could have made better, wiser decisions, but were blinded by short term profits. That is not a Luddite position, it is the we could do better point of view.

This is a very difficult, heart wrenching article to read, but worth it to see the truth behind the pork industry, Gagged by Big Corporate Agriculture. Horrific abuse. Rampant contamination. And the crime is…exposing it?

The Colonist of Good Will: On Albert Camus. Granted Camus was a humanitarian and his position on Algiers was far more responsible than supporters of French colonialism, but ….

from a collection of glass slides of fairground scenes

This image comes from a collection of glass slides of fairground scenes found in the stores at Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne. Courtesy ‘Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’. No date or place was known.

How Money Worries Can Scramble Your Thinking

“Financial constraints capture a lot of your attention,” says , a psychologist at Princeton University, who helped lead the study. “Then there’s less bandwidth left to solve problems. Your cognitive ability starts to slow down, just like a computer.”

And the effect is big. After a quick reminder about money issues, people’s performance on the puzzles drops down by at least a quarter — or approximately the same mental hit a person takes after staying up all night.