first licensed woman pilot, highly uneven justice

Harriet Quimby in cockpit of plane

Harriet Quimby in cockpit of plane, circa 1912.

Harriet Quimby

Harriet Quimby (May 11, 1875 – July 1, 1912), this picture also around 1912. I especially like this one. Sometimes a photo will catch someone in a moment when there is just joy, no arrogance, no pretense. One of those times when they are at having one of the best moments of their life. here Qiumby is waving back to a crowd cheering here on for doing what she loved to do, fly. In 1911, she was awarded a U.S. pilot’s certificate by the Aero Club of America, becoming the first woman to gain a pilot’s license in the United States.

Measuring the cost of austerity

Let me end by quoting the conclusion of their New York Times article. “One need not be an economic ideologue — we certainly aren’t — to recognize that the price of austerity can be calculated in human lives. We are not exonerating poor policy decisions of the past or calling for universal debt forgiveness. It’s up to policy makers in America and Europe to figure out the right mix of fiscal and monetary policy. What we have found is that austerity — severe, immediate, indiscriminate cuts to social and health spending — is not only self-defeating, but fatal.”

Some might think that knowing that austerity economics is actually fatal to people, it causes illness, misery and early death would make its proponents feel some sense of shame. That would only be the case if you were dealing with people who were not at their core social-Darwinists. They see the fatalities of austerity as a feature, not a failing.

Día de Fiesta

Día de Fiesta, Mexico, 1933, by Paul Strand. Platinum print.


Bradley Manning Headed To Prison, While Those Who Authorized Torture Go Free. Good point. One of videos that Manning leaked showed two children wounded in van by the military. Manning is punished for letting the public see a war crime, but those who commuted the crime were never prosecuted.

Interesting, Brilliant Red Sprite Lightning Caught on Film