privatization is a synonym for stealing

black and white city wallpaper

black and white city wallpaper

8 Ways Privatization Has Failed America. Paul Buchheit takes a look at the ways privatization fever has given working class Americans the shaft. Those who enjoy a good argument are welcome to try debating the congregation of true believers preaching the gospel of privatize everything. I find that like most zealots, their minds are not open to either facts or humanitarian based arguments.

Worse yet, corporations profit from the very water they pollute. Dioxin-dumping Dow Chemicals is investing in water purification. Monsanto has been accused of privatizing its own pollution sites in order to sell filtered water back to the public.

Internet, TV, and Phone

It seems the whole world is leaving us behind on the Internet. According to the OECD, South Korea has Internet speeds up to 200 times faster than the average speed in the U.S., at about half the cost. Customers are charged about $30 a month in Hong Kong or Korea or parts of Europe for much faster service than in the U.S., while triple-play packages in other countries go for about half of our Comcast or AT&T charges.

The scam where corporations poison your water and offer to clean it up for a profit is ingenious.

Your phone and ISP payments – they might be little cheaper if the CEO was not pretending to provide some absolutely essential management skills for which he must make $21 million in 2012. he did not do any like saving kidney surgery, find a way to improve solar cell energy efficiency by 10%. he did not rescue any elderly couples from a burning building, he did not take urine samples to the lab or clean up your sick uncle’s puke. he did not replace the trees clear-cut for that new strip mall. He did not invent any new telecommunications technology – scientists did that. He did not dig a little ditch to bury your cable line. he did not find a cure for arthritis or diabetes. he did not even program a cool video game or write a great song or paint an inspiring painting. The basic skills anyone needs to run a company can be learned at any local community college. Yet, as Will on The Newsroom would likely say, he and other CEOs are worth what they get because it is what the market will bear. Only that is based purely on the perception of subjective value. Like many CEOs, the CEO of AT&T is a magician whose best trick is making people believe he is worth more than $55k a year.

A page from The first six books of the Elements of Euclid in which coloured diagrams and symbols are used instead of letters, by Oliver Byrne; 1847; W. Pickering, London.