black and white rainbow

black and white rainbow

black and white rainbow


I’m not sure how they worked out copyright arrangements, but Irwin Shaw’s The Girls in Their Summer Dresses is on-line. It was published in 1939 so as one might guess there have been some cultural changes since then. Though there is some sexism, the story is remarkably pro feminist.

Margaret Thatcher wanted to crush power of trade unions. Unions like every human-made institution are not perfect, but they do help shift the balance of power more toward the interests of the worker. If corporations and their organizations can exercise enormous power, join together in organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the National Manufacturers Association and the comically named Free Enterprise Institute, among others unions are still dwarfs fighting giants.

Ordinarily I would say this is ironic for a “financial expert,” but since it is Faux News it just standard doublespeak: Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Doesn’t Know How Inflation Works

Fox News host Neil Cavuto has a special message for living-wage activists: Deal with it. “It’s like jobs aren’t enough these days,” he said on Tuesday. “They better pay well, or folks just aren’t applying for them at all.” As proof, he cited his own teenage years serving fried fish in Connecticut…

Cavuto is speaking to a woefully uniformed audience, one that seems willfully ignorant.