stones and ocean wallpaper

stones and sea wallpaper

stones and sea wallpaper

Dubai sentences Norwegian woman who reported rape. She received a 6-month prison sentence for having extramarital sex, drinking alcohol, and perjury. Her alleged attacker received a 13-month sentence for extra-marital sex and alcohol consumption. In order for her rape charge to stand up – likely the reason she was charged with perjury – because women are assumed to be lying – is that for the charge of rape to be officially recognized four men must testify that they saw the rape. Perhaps the U.S., Norway and Dubai could have a trade. Norway and the U.S. will take all the rational reasonable citizens of Dubai and in exchange they can have some conservatives who have pretty much the same attitudes as the malevolent clowns that enacted those rape laws: some conservatives we could send to Dubai include Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia Republican and gubernatorial hopeful, Paul Ryan (R-WI),  Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson and American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer. And throw in Liz Cheney as a bonus – she loves torturing people so she’ll fit right in culturally.  These six conservatives have nothing but contempt for American ideals of justice, fairness and the rule of law. Those things are simply alphabet soup as far as they’re concerned. Which, conveniently is much like the rulers of Dubai feel about those ideals.

Alexander Calder with his circus. Paris, 1929. Andre Kertesz.

Alexander Calder with his circus. Paris, 1929. By photographer Andre Kertesz.

Things Wall Street Financiers Say Off the Record About Their Bloated, Corrupt Industry. Someone at Bloomberg claims the survey is not valid because he does not consider it scientific. Bloomberg does have some good reporters so let’s not let this one person deflect from that. Though I’m not going to excerpt the survey results, just what we actually know about business and finance, and how those sectors of the economy are run by the powers that be,

Given the attitudes of our financial elites, you would expect bad things to happen. The list of high crimes and misdemeanors is mind boggling, and growing every day.

Design mortgage related securities so that they will fail in order to bet against them. (See How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour [5] for all the gory details.)

Unlawfully foreclose [6] on 700 military families.

Money launder [7] for drug cartels.

Collude with illegal payday loan sharks.

Fail to live up to settlement [9] to provide mortgage revisions.

Sell billions of dollars worth of bogus insurance policies that are supposed to provide payment protection for ill or unemployed mortgage holders, but actually provide no coverage at all [10].

Let the London Whale gamble with federally insured money and then lose $6 billion, and then refuse to provide documentation to regulators. [11]

Lie to your colleagues in the media in order to move markets your way. (Jim Cramer’s confession.) [12]

Illegally trade on insider information. (71 hedge fund traders plead guilty or are convicted [13] in the last two years.)

Hedge funds spread false rumors [14] about European banks to cause runs.

High frequency traders milk investors [15].

Collude to manipulate basic interest rates [16] (LIBOR) that effect trillions of dollars of debt.

Engage in predatory lending [17] to rip off cities, towns and school systems.

Rating agencies turn tricks for cash by giving out thousands of bogus AAA ratings [18].

maybe the percentages of corruption and corrupt attitudes in the survey are off – too high or too low, when you have so many financial and business corruption, one is surely delusional to think there is not a problem. After reading about just some of the bigger scandals, the recent commercials being run by the Koch brothers claiming that one of America’s problems is over regulation, just seems all that more bizarre.