modern still life wallpaper

modern still life wallpaper

modern still life wallpaper


This editorial points out some recent egregious abuses of restrictive voting rights laws, Voting rights ruling ignored centuries of discrimination

Last year, the law ( section 5 of The Voting Rights Act) stopped attempts that would have limited voting by nonwhites in Florida, Texas and South Carolina.

It (section 5) prevented Alaska in 2008 from eliminating precincts in Native American villages. Without the intervention, voters would have been forced to travel by sea or air to cast ballots.

It stopped cancellation of a city council election in Kilmichael, Miss., in 2001 after candidates of color were set to win for the first time in local history.

[  ].. and more here, In other words, five-sixths or more of the cases of proven election discrimination from 1957 through 2013 have taken place in jurisdictions subject to Section 5 oversight – which would mean very skillful targeting for any government program.

Many of the discriminating counties harbor repeat offenders. For example, since 1975, violations of the Voting Rights Act have been found in various Shelby County government entities 20 times. So the test case selected by opponents of the Voting Rights Act  to demonstrate that the coverage scheme is outdated and that discrimination is a thing of the past is, in fact, the poster child for Section 5’s effectiveness and the continued need for the VRA.

The conservative trolls rushed to the comment section to claim 1) There was no reason to keep section 5. Obviously didn’t care what the editorial said or the examples provided. 2) One guy said he could not buy whiskey or rent a motel room without a proper picture ID so what is the problem. Voting is a fundamental right in a democratic republic, buying whiskey and renting motel rooms not so much. 3) This will stop all the illegal aliens from voting twice.  So we’re passing laws now to address problems that only exist in the fetid imagination of paranoid nativists. Impersonating someone to vote or voting twice is not a problem, voter fraud is close to non-existent. 4) Liberals have lost this argument based on logic and facts. No, we win on the facts and logic, which that troll ignored completely. The troll proves that the conservative mind is wrapped in tin-foil so thick it is immune to basic facts, common decency and the implicit rights of the Constitution.

movie poster for persona

movie poster for persona (1966). i would not consider persona a movie as much as cinematic art. it is not for everyone and those who don’t like art film are not clueless because they do not. bergman is frequently difficult to take. after he made persona he made cries and whispers, which may be, short of a documentary about genocide, one of the most depressing films ever made. the movie aside, i think this poster is a great example of 60s graphic art.

Territory I write about here frequently, probably too often for some, The Fall of the American Worker.

Scientists invent contact lenses that bestow telescopic vision. One has to wear the contacts and special glasses, but that might be worth the trouble for some people.



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