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macro summer flower wallpaper

macro summer flower wallpaper


Top Ten Ways the Beltway Press Will Treat Gen. Cartwright Differently from Snowden

NBC reports that Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright is under investigation as the source for David Sanger’s 2012 New York Times article revealing that the United States is behind the Stuxnet computer virus, which was used to infect computers at Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facilities and at the Bushehr nuclear energy plants and delay their going hot.

No one will obsess about the exercise habits of Gen. Cartwright’s wife.
Gen. Cartwright will not be characterized as “a 63-year-old hacker.”
Gen. Cartwright will not be described as “nerdy” or “flaky.”
David Gregory will not ask that David Sanger be prosecuted for espionage because he aided and abetted Cartwright’s leaking.
We won’t get stories every day about where in McLean, Virginia, Gen. Cartwright is living.
Gen. Cartwright won’t be accused of being a spy for Iran.
No lurid stories will be rehearsed on the Sunday afternoon shows about Cartwright’s allegedly overly familiar relationship with a young female aide in 2009, with heavy innuendo as to what the episode said about his reckless character.
No FBI informants will be placed inside the elite Alfalfa Club in DC that Cartwright was known to attend.
Cartwright’s loyalty to the United States won’t be impugned by anchors or congressmen.
Dirt won’t be dug up on David Sanger’s private life in an attempt to discredit his reporting on Cartwright’s Stuxnet.

Regardless of what thinks about Mr. Snowden’s actions, the above is a strange facet of our media culture. While I disagree with with on a few things Noam Chomsky is right about how the media – that seems more Right of center than liberal or moderate – shapes and frames the news, thus how much of the public perceives events and people.

Mermaid by the sea ; woman by the sea

Mermaid by the sea ; woman by the sea. An illustration from Harper’s in  1877. I can barely read the text. Some of it is not very good poetry and some of it is humor. I thought of it after I read this story, Five reasons mermaids are impossible

The second is that were Nature somehow to fuse a fish butt onto a woman’s torso, how does said fusion creature make new creatures? Are mermaids parthenogens, mitotically producing new mermaids from some unseen orifice after being sown together from fish and people? You see, reproduction is a key element of being something that exists, that is alive. Animals gotta get it on, either with themselves or others of their species, to be here. An all-female human-fish mashup organism without sex bits, much less some way to lay an egg (fish style) or push out a baby (human style), isn’t gonna be able to do that. For a review, check out the comparative anatomy again. See?

One of those rare science articles that is fun to read. They wrote in in reply to a silly mermaid special on Animal Planet. They have so much silly stuff – mixed in with the good, on Animal Planet I would not have thought it worth bothering with. Though I do get that some people would seriously entertain the idea that half human-half fish creature could exist. And as long as we’re on the subject of a certain three letter word, Virginia Gov. Candidate Cuccinelli Asks Supreme Court to Revive Ban on Oral, Anal Sex.

But in 2004, when a bipartisan group of state Senators was trying to fix the sodomy law so that it would only apply to cases involving minors and non-consensual sex, Cuccinelli, then a state Senator, blocked the effort.

…As Mother Jones noted, some 90 percent of Americans would be felons if the Virginia law were to be applied nationally. Cuccinelli has remained mute as to whether he’s one of them.

We already put a lot of people in jail for spurious reasons, and do not put people in jail that might belong there. Perhaps some of us have a naive concept of what laws are for – to punish actions that hurt others. Ken Cuccinelli and his sycophantic followers think the law is about punishing people for doing things they find personally distasteful. That is a worm that can certainly turn. Many may find Ken’s bizarre and tyrannical politics distasteful.