nasa hangar one, the magic of the corporate nanny state

This and the following picture, Construction of Hangar One at NASA Sunnyvale circa 1931 – 1934. According to Wikipedia, the hangar is so large and the ceilings so high, there is occasionally some fog in the hangar.

We did not have a space program in the 1930s, but we did have a balloon program. The hangar has  been designated a Naval Historical Monument. Though no one wants to pay for upkeep and renovation, it may be sold off.

We have an one continuous magic show in the U.S. A bit of slight hand. Look over there are the people getting food assistance and other stuff “we” cannot “afford.” Do not look at the subsistence wages being paid or the corporate nanny state, “Believe It or Not!” 13 Mindblowing Facts About America’s Tax-Dodging Corporations

1. We’re told we can’t “afford” full Social Security benefits, even though closing corporate tax-haven loopholes would pay for Obama’s “chained CPI” benefit cut more than ten times over!

Abusive offshore tax havens cost the US $150 billion in lost tax revenue every year (via FACT Coalition). That’s $1.5 trillion over the next ten years.

The “chained CPI” cut, proposed by President Obama and supported by Republicans, is projected to “save” a total of $122 billion to $130 billion over the same time period by denying benefits to seniors and disabled people.

It’s true. “Serious” politicians and pundits are demanding that ordinary people sacrifice earned benefits, while at the same time allowing corporations to avoid more than ten times as much in taxes.

5. The amount of money US corporations are holding offshore is an estimated one trillion dollars!

Rather than tax these profits the way other countries do, corporate politicians are promoting a tax “repatriation” break that would let corporations “bring this money home” while paying even less than their currently low rates.

They tried that in 2004 and it didn’t create any jobs. In fact, corporations took the tax break and then fired thousands of people. What “repatriation” did do is line a lot of wealthy investors’ pockets.

So, naturally, they want to do it again.

Believe in the magic, it is better to be to outraged that someone bought a can of carbonated cola with their food stamps, than to be outraged corporations are leeching off the public for some serious amounts of cash.

Zephyr Dancing with Flora 1870

Zephyr Dancing with Flora (1870). By Giovanni Maria Benzoni(Italian, 1809-1873). While a surprising work, Benzoni seems to have taken liberties with ancient legends. Combining the Greek myths of the wind god Zephyr with the Roman legend of the goddess of flowers, Flora.