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tuscany spring wallpaper

tuscany spring wallpaper 1920×1080

storm break wallpaper

storm break wallpaper 1680×1050

marriage contract

Jewish marriage contract, manuscript, ink and paint on paper, dated 13 September 1871 at Itsfahan, Iran. I don’t know what the translation is. We’re not pass such things, prenuptial agreements are the modern era marriage contracts. While the history is interesting in light of modern day tensions with Iran and a Jewish couple wedding in the same territory over a hundred years ago, what drew my attention was the hand etched art.

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This SCOTUS decision didn’t make the headlines, A Legal Blow to Sustainable Development

While that may sound obscure, the decision in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District will result in long-lasting harm to America’s communities. That’s because the ruling creates a perverse incentive for municipal governments to reject applications from developers rather than attempt to negotiate project designs that might advance both public and private goals — and it makes it hard for communities to get property owners to pay to mitigate any environmental damage they may cause.

The IRS “Scandal” Was A Scam

Monday’s revelation that progressive as well as conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status had been singled out for review by the Internal Revenue Service left one pressing question: Why [[then]] did the inspector general’s report detailing improper scrutiny only mention conservative groups?

Last night we got the answer: The IG only reported on conservative groups because that’s what Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the notoriously partisan chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told him to do.

That is some mighty fine corruption there Congress Critter Issa (R-CA), when you can get the U.S. Inspector General to spin reports for you.

Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778) was one of the great pioneers of what would become  modern science. That is not to say he was always right. In 1758 he tried to purchase a teenager in London as a scientific specimen. He thought she was a troglodyte

Wendy Davis Showed Texas’ GOP Boys How to Respect Women. Just as I read that story, a wire service reported that Gov. Perry (R-TX)  has called for another special session so his gerrymandered legislature can give him clear title of Grand Wizard of All Texas Uterus. Perry and Governor Kasich (R-OH) plan to have an annual convention of Conservative Men With a Uterus.