water drops wallpaper, pervasive culture of conservative corruption

water drops wallpaper

water drops wallpaper


Culture of Conservatism Exposed at Morally Corrupt Bank of America

Six former employees of Bank of America have come forward, alleging that the big bank intentionally denied eligible homeowners mortgage loan modifications, and lied to those homeowners about the status of their mortgage payments and documents.

Bank of America allegedly used these dirty tactics to lead homeowners into foreclosures and in-house loan modifications, both of which helped reap massive profits for BOA’s bottom-line.


Employees who did the best and most dirty tricks got gift cards and bonuses. It sounds like a bad satire that went straight to DVD because no one would believe it.

Philosophers are still good for something, Privacy and the Threat to the Self

To get a sense of what I mean, imagine that I could telepathically read all your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings — I could know about them in as much detail as you know about them yourself — and further, that you could not, in any way, control my access. You don’t, in other words, share your thoughts with me; I take them. The power I would have over you would of course be immense. Not only could you not hide from me, I would know instantly a great amount about how the outside world affects you, what scares you, what makes you act in the ways you do.  And that means I could not only know what you think, I could to a large extent control what you do.

Chipping away at privacy is the loss of freedom by way of dehumanizing people. The people who think they have nothing to hide  have not contemplated the the workings of their essential selves. Those who think they’re saving us in the name of national security are using a similar rationale as the old East German Stasi. That didn’t work out too well.