china rivers sunset wallpaper, depression linked to out of sync biological clock

china rivers sunset wallpaper

china rivers sunset wallpaper. China’s river system, at least those that have not dried up or been drained are a nightmare. Up towards their mountain origins things are not as bad.


Depressed people’s body clocks ‘out of sync’

Every cell in our bodies runs on a 24-hour clock, tuned to the night-day, light-dark cycles that have ruled us since the dawn of humanity. The brain acts as timekeeper, keeping the cellular clock in sync with the outside world so that it can govern our appetites, sleep, moods, and much more.

But new research shows that the clock may be broken in the brains of people with depression—even at the level of the gene activity inside their brain cells.

This discovery may mean there are distinct biomarkers for chronic depression. That knowledge may lead to better medications and the ability to fine tune them for the individual. While most people probably already realize this, depression and mood disorders are not a sign of personal failing. These findings are another proof that most depression, is the result of biological processes. That is not to say that therapy does not help. Therapy is a way to sort emotions. Emotions have biological consequences in a kind of feedback loop. That is why the combination of psychological therapy and medication has been the most effective treatment.

What is the difference between conservatives in America and the Taliban in Afghanistan? As far as I know conservatives have not started cutting off hands for stealing a loaf of bread. I’m still figuring out the others, Virginia GOP Nominee For Attorney General Would Force Women To Report Their Miscarriages To Police.

If a woman in Virginia has a miscarriage without a doctor present, they must report it within 24 hours to the police or risk going to jail for a full year. At least, that’s what would have happened if a bill introduced by Virginia state Sen. Mark Obenshain (R) had become law.

And yet, the Virginia Republican Party wants to make Obenshain into the state’s top prosecutor. This weekend, Virginia Republicans selected Obenshain as their nominee to replace tea party stalwart Ken Cuccinelli (R) as the state’s attorney general.

This obsessive need to control others bodies, humiliate people during a tragedy and get government deeply involved into one’s personal life is some kind of value. A value out of a dystopian hallucination.