picasso’s dance of the veils, aimless cruelty is not the road to justice, twiggy

Dance of the Veils by Pablo Picasso

Dance of the Veils by Pablo Picasso. 1907. Oil on canvas. A profound way of saying I can see who you are as much as I cannot see.

Who Would Kill a Monk Seal?

But the seals’ appearance has not been universally appreciated. The animals have been met by many islanders with a convoluted mix of resentment and spite. This fury has led to what the government is calling a string of “suspicious deaths.” But spend a little time in Hawaii, and you come to recognize these deaths for what they are — something loaded and forbidding. A word that came to my mind was “assassination.”

The most recent wave of Hawaiian-monk-seal murders began on the island of Molokai in November 2011. An 8-year-old male seal was found slain on a secluded beach. A month later, the body of a female, not yet 2 years old, turned up in the same area. Then, in early January, a third victim was found on Kauai. The government tries to keep the details of such killings secret, though it is known that some monk seals have been beaten to death and some have been shot. (In 2009, on Kauai, a man was charged with shooting a female seal twice with a .22; one round lodged in the fetus she was carrying.) In the incident on Kauai last January, the killer was said to have left a “suspicious object” lodged in the animal’s head.

Killing an endangered species in Hawaii is both a state and federal offense.

There is a long read with a lot of back story. One element is the resentment of some locals against protected species and public land like the marine sanctuary, combined with some native resentment against the history of white or mainland interference into native life and tradition. I can sympathize with some of that, but I cannot see how killing such beautiful innocent creatures solves their problems or garners public sympathy for their political complaints.

The British actress and model Twiggy, models a shirt dress amidst posters of her previous work, 1967.

The British actress and model Twiggy, models a shirt dress amidst posters of her previous work, 1967. This picture combines two of my favorite aspects to modern era photography , say from the 1920s to the present. It looks retro and very modern at the same time. And Twiggy, or Lesley Lawson is also wonderful. She still acts, models, write books and is generally her own thriving business concern.