smooth river stones wallpaper, green spaces good for health, watching the new day rise

smooth river stones wallpaper, spring stream

smooth river stones wallpaper

Green spaces boosts wellbeing of urban dwellers

Parks, gardens and green space in urban areas can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living there, says a University of Exeter study.

Using data from 5,000 UK households over 17 years, researchers found that living in a greener area had a significant positive effect.

The findings could help to inform urban planners and have an impact on society at large, they said.

The study is published in the journal Psychological Science.

There are some encouraging trends in architecture, just judging from my visits to architectural news sites over the last couple years. One is incorporating green spaces into remodeled and new buildings. Sometimes meaning a roof-top garden, occasionally having green areas on every floor (part indoors/part outdoors  mini-parks on upper floors). Space is at a premium in cities so the growth of small street level parks is limited. While not directly a green space, many architects are getting away from the rectangular box. Incorporating curves – sometimes with jetting with balconies. They at least give the impression of being in a structure that is more organic, a more natural part of the environment. I like the nice clean lines of some minimalist rectangles, but we can have both.

watching the morning sun

watching the morning sun

A few quick links of note, How the “Koch Brothers Bill” will mean fewer happy sunrises

In February, 11 congressmen—10 Republicans and 1 Democrat—joined some two dozen [2] industry groups, including the Fertilizer Institute, the American Chemistry Council, and the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, to back the General Duty Clarification Act [3]. The bill is designed to sap the Environmental Protection Agency of its powers to regulate safety and security at major chemical sites, as prescribed by the Clean Air Act.

“We call that the Koch brothers bill,” Greenpeace legislative director Rick Hind says

Just because the Koch brothers get a kick out of seeing towns blow-up and American workers getting sick, does not mean its true freedom, of the the new improved conservative libertarian variety.

Once in a while a squirrel finds a nut or a conservative stands for truly American values, Bill for compulsory science fiction in West Virginia schools

Republican state delegate Ray Canterbury says move would inspire pupils to use practical knowledge and imagination in the real world.

Lucky I wasn’t drinking milk when I read that or it would have been spraying out of my nose.

Some conspiracies are true or at least there is enough rational based evidence to warrant a deeper look, Filmmaker claims CIA kept innocent man jailed to cover up drug trafficking