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summer pool wallpaper

summer pool wallpaper 


The Fox News Propaganda Channel Disability Insurance Fraud “Shocker” Falls Flat

In fact the Utah attorney general’s finding proved that fraud is not a major problem with SSDI in Utah. According to the latest available data, there are 48,777 SSDI recipients in Utah. 157 cases of fraud only amounts to only .3 percent of all recipients.

If Fox News focused on the trillions of dollars corporate America squeezes out of the pockets of workers and consumers, they might provide an actual, one might even say patriotic, service to America.

Rand Paul (R-KY) Must Think Blacks Have Amnesia. What is worse than a serial lying buffoon? A clueless serial lying buffoon.

The Heartsick Story of Sarah Elizabeth Craft’s Easter bonnet, 1852

The intended owner of this bonnet was Sarah Elizabeth Craft (1841-1852), who lived in Ireland Parish (now Holyoke), Massachusetts. Purchased as a Christmas present to be worn the following spring for Easter services, the gift was never opened….

A wonderful slice of  history of an average American girl in mid 19th century America. There is a beautiful and almost eerie picture of her bonnet at the link.

I have ospreys that live near me. They’re incredible birds of prey – they don’t need bait or expensive rods to fish. So I especially enjoyed this post from one of the WordPress neighbors, The Osprey Get A New Home.

Social media fatigue has some New Yorkers cutting the cord

They note that the novelty of Facebook wanes once one has caught up with high school friends. They’re weary of being perceived as profit centers by marketers and of having their social relationships exploited. They’re leery of privacy invasions and increasingly unsatisfied by virtual kibitzing.

…Besides wearying of what had become a “non-stop stream of baby pictures and inspirational quotes,” Dubois found social media a poor substitute for actual socializing. “I’m going to see more friends and become a better cook,” clean her apartment and start reading books again, said DuBois

Facebook is not good for the internet or privacy. And the inspirational quotes; people are wearing them out and largely repeating things out of context. Not everyone of course, but so many of the likers, retweeters, rebloggers of those snips of thought are too busy doing said social media activity to be actually living the way many of the quotes advise. Moderation. Someone famous probably said something about it, but we all know what it means without a historical figure’s name tagged on.