cherry blossoms wallpapers, pain fireworks, a telecom miracle and unbounded greed

cherry blossoms wallpapers

cherry blossoms wallpapers

Pain's Unrivalled Fireworks  James Pain and Sons Fireworks London

Pain’s Unrivalled[sic] Fireworks. James Pain and Sons Fireworks London. Pains’ seems to have started business in about 1850. It has gone through some mergers and it not a family owned business anymore, though some Pain descendants may still work there. There is a Pain Fireworks and Pyrotechnics still in business. They do not sell retail fireworks, they do major event fireworks and special effects. Below is one of their current promotional photos:

In other words if you were thinking of hiring them for your birthday party, it will cost a few dollars, or pounds.

While I still complain a little if someone else brings it up, I’ve given up on cellphone carriers and internet providers. They’re all terrible. Some are just worse than others so as a consumer your goal is not to find a good company, but one that does not give you the biggest shaft. So this is surprising news, Breaking Free of the Cellphone Carrier Conspiracy

When you buy a cellphone — an iPhone or Android phone, let’s say — you pay $200. Now, the real price for that sophisticated piece of electronics is around $600. But Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are very thoughtful. They subsidize the phone. Your $200 is a down payment. You pay off the remaining $400 over the course of your two-year contract.

The problem with this delusion as Mr Pogue points out is that even when you reach the point where your phone is paid for, your phone bill never goes down. You just keep paying for that phone. Pogue does under-generalize about the costs –  a top of the line smart phone with service can cost from just over a thousand to two thousand a year.

At the new T-Mobile, the Great Cellphone Subsidy Con is over. You can buy your phone outright, if you like — an iPhone 5 is $580, a Samsung Galaxy S III is $550. Or you can treat it like a car or a house: pay $100 for the phone now, and pay off the rest over time, $20 a month.

And if say you get ahead on your expenses and want to pay off your phone with extra payments in the first two months, your phone bill goes down $20. And you can cancel your phone plan at any time. Though if you keep the phone you’ll still have to pay for that of course.

Offshore tax havens rocked by bank account leaks $32 trillion

The offshore financial industry has been hit by the leak of 2.5 million secret bank accounts of companies and nationals in 170 countries to 86 journalists worldwide, under the leadership of the International Consortium of investigative journalism. Publication began this week.

The leak of two million emails and other documents, mostly from the offshore haven of the British Virgin Islands is expected to cause global shockwaves.

An estimated $32 trillion (€25 trillion) is locked up in the accounts, which are used by plutocrats, heads of state, and celebrities to avoid paying income tax.

The revelations come shortly after the resignation of the French Finance Minister Jérôme Cahuzac on 19 March, apparently over a secret bank account he held in Switzerland. Jean-Jacques Augier, President François Hollande’s campaign co-treasurer and close friend, has also been forced to publicly identify a Chinese business partner.

Mongolia’s former finance minister and deputy speaker of its parliament has reportedly said that he may have to resign from politics as a result of the investigation.

In Belgium, a first batch of revelations is expected later today on the website of the daily Le Soir.

According to initial information, the leak has enabled investigators to trace the “disappeared” fortunes of dictators, such as Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

The Guardian, the BCC and other international media will jointly publish the results of their investigations over the course of the week. According to the Guardian newspaper, the investgative project could prove extremely damaging for confidence in tax havens, used by the world’s wealthiest people.

Activity by an extraordinary array of government officials and rich families across the world has been identified, from the UK, Canada, the US, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, China, Thailand and former communist states.

See kids, you don’t have to go out and buy a ski mask and a gun, your degree in business or finance allows you to steal with pretty much near impunity. And you get to call the people calling you a thief, communists. No one wants to be caught being on the side of communists so the politicians will slap your hands at most and you can go back to stealing more from the capital created by the naive working class. Yet I just finished reading yet another guest editorial in the NYT saying that countries just can’t afford any spending, we must have more austerity.