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green sedges valley wallpaper

green sedges valley wallpaper


Bonnet Rippers: The Rise of the Amish Romance Novel

Most of these books, I discovered, were in fact written not by Amish authors but by evangelical Christians. On the Venn diagram of American religion, evangelical and Amish circles share some space. But while they have some aspects in common — a commitment to traditional Christian theology, a high view of Scripture, the conviction that faith should matter in daily life — evangelicals and the Amish are largely separate tribes, speaking distinct cultural dialects that are at times mutually unintelligible. Evangelical Christians themselves come in at least fifty shades, from politically and socially conservative fundamentalists to theologically progressive environmental activists, but most emphasize a personal experience of conversion, relevant witness to the surrounding culture, and the critical nature of evangelism. Evangelical writers of Amish romance novels channel these convictions in their books, with a typical Amish heroine traveling two vectors as her story unfolds: one from the works-based religion of her people to a more warm-hearted and evangelical spirituality, and another from loneliness to love.

The Amish, too, represent a rainbow of religious practices and theologies; there are 40 distinct Amish affiliations, each with its own flavor. Yet despite their diversity, all Amish groups prioritize corporate identity, submission to the church, and witnessing to one’s faith through quiet discipleship, pacifism, and separation from the world. Along with Mennonites and Brethren and several other groups, the Amish trace their roots to the Radical Reformation of the 1500s, when a group of upstarts declared that Zwingli and Calvin weren’t taking their reforms far enough.

An essay that manages to be funny and disturbing. Since i did grow p in the South I grew up around a variety of fundamentalists. Evangelicals are especially disturbing. They keep a lot of contradictory notions and behavior going constantly. That they are writing about sex in any fashion for anyone to consume is life turned sideways. They have too many things to work out for themselves before they start trying to be the official romance-sex guide for others.

country kitchen

country kitchen. this is a little ink wash with some of the haze removed. the idea was to have a modern and vintage look at the same time.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when two imbeciles have a fight,  Donald Trump to Michelle Malkin: “You were born stupid!”. Malkin called the real estate mogul a “conservafraud” .