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Chuck Berry Playing the Guitar	August 30, 1959

Chuck Berry Playing the Guitar  in Portsmouth, Virginia.  August 30, 1959. According to the intertubes Chuck started out playing with a Kay Electric Twin. Though he soon switched to Gibson. I’m not positive, but I think that is a Gibson in the photograph. At one point Gibson’s offical history said they stopped making guitars during WW II because of the labor shortage – shortage of male workers actually. It turns out that they did make guitars during that time, with female workers. This would make a good movie, The Story of Gibson’s  Kalamazoo Gals.

The Washington Post has a real problem in the person of Jennifer Rubin. If a student acted like her, teachers would have them expelled. If she was in Congress, they would be working up the damning ethics report. If she were in law enforcement, she would either be on unpaid leave pending review or outright fired. But the management of WaPo is pretending they do not have a real scandal on their hands, Jennifer Rubin’s New Favorite Report Debunks Jennifer Rubin

Since the summer of 2010, the right-wing media has been obsessively promoting the absurd non-scandal involving the New Black Panther Party, in which the Obama Justice Department was alleged to have dropped voter intimidation charges against the fringe group owing to racial and political solidarity. One of the primary movers of this farce has been Jennifer Rubin, who authored one of the first reports on the story for The Weekly Standard and continued to write at length about DOJ’s alleged perfidy at her Washington Post blog.

This month, the Justice Department’s inspector general released the results of their investigation into the New Black Panthers affair and confirmed what everyone already knew to be true: the allegations against DOJ were bunk. Rubin is excitedly waving this report around, claiming it reflects poorly on President Obama’s reported Labor Secretary nominee, and determinedly ignoring the parts that show pretty much every word she wrote about the New Black Panther story was rooted in falsehood.

The new “Panthers” are a sorry lot, but that doesn’t mean that Rubin has license to use them as a cudgel to beat the Justice Department with.

black and white jennifer lawrence

black and white jennifer lawrence. just a scan someone gave me. great composition, but i wish they had not put make-up over her freckles.

Photos of the day: St. Patrick’s Day celebrations late 1800s

Back in ye old school days when our soot covered faces were gathered round the pot bellied stove waiting for Mr. Sprocket to clean the mud off his boots, I became familiar with this subject. It is both very important, yet so esoteric, that I have never discussed it with anyone since, A Dangerous Fixation. Synthetic nitrogen was born 100 years ago; it’s why half of us are alive.