ink washed spring wallpaper, some links about the true cost of things

ink washed spring wallpaper

ink washed spring wallpaper


Some links of note, Environmental threats could push billions into extreme poverty

“Environmental threats are among the most grave impediments to lifting human development … The longer action is delayed, the higher the cost will be,” warns the report, which builds on the 2011 edition looking at sustainable development.

This is how conservatives define pro-life, Study: Iraq War Cost U.S. $2.2 Trillion, Claimed Nearly 200,000 Lives. Yet they are very concerned about actual walking-talking human beings making decisions about their own bodies, Charts: This Is What Happens When You Defund Planned Parenthood. Dozens of clinics have shut down in Texas, leaving nearly 200,000 women in search of affordable health care.

Atrios comments on this story – Sen. Rob Portman(R) comes out in favor of gay marriage after son comes out as gay, As It Always Is

I can empathize with my family members, but no one else. I guess it’s progress.

I first noticed this with Mona Charen. Who? I don’t even know if she’s still around. But, anyway, once upon a time ADHD was one of those things conservatives thought was some sort of liberal plot diagnosis. I have no opinion on the diagnosis of or treatment of ADHD, but for some reason there was a period when it pissed conservatives off because oh who the fuck knows Benghazi. Conservative media personality Mona Charen would regularly write these “ADHD IS REAL!!!” columns because, you know, she had an ADHD kid.

First we are talking about a Republican here so one should at least consider the possibility of political opportunism on Portman’s part. gee, my son is going to come out, being part of a political movement that thinks gayness means being less of a citizen, how do I get some political mileage out of this. So assuming Portman is being genuine, he and Charen exemplify a kind of neural misfiring when it comes to empathy. They can only see issues when they personally experience them. They lack the character, imagination, intelligence, humility or whatever, to see themselves in someone else’s shoes. I tend to think that is not an insurmountable personal flaw, but a large and very fundamental one. It is something shared by authoritarians throughout history.

 Restaurant horror show: How waitstaffs are mistreated. Almost 10 percent of the U.S. workforce is in the restaurant industry. Why is it legal to treat them so poorly? Being a capitalist I find this embarrassing. Capitalism could work – everyone make a decent living, have good working conditions, have health care, clean air, beautiful cities, great education – but only if that capitalism is informed by fairness, a deep sense of one’s humanity. The tip of the pyramid, and their sycophants, tend to see life as a contest; how much they can extract from other with the barest minimum of compensation.


To produce the appearance of a Spectre (a ghost, phantom or apparition), winter by winslow homer

To produce the appearance of a Spectre

To produce the appearance of a Spectre (a ghost; phantom; apparition) on a Pedestal in the middle of a Table.

Enclose a small magic lantern in a box, Fig. 11, large enough to contain a small swing dressing-glass, which will reflect the light thrown on it by the lantern in such a way, that it will pass out at the aperture made at the top of the box; which aperture should be oval, and of a size adapted [Pg 65] to the cone of light to pass through it. There should be a flap with hinges, to cover the opening, that the inside of the box may not be seen.

There must be holes in that part of the box which is over the lantern, to let the smoke out; and over this must be placed a chafing-dish of an oblong figure, large enough to hold several lighted coals. This chafing-dish, for the better carrying on the deception, may be enclosed in a painted tin box, about a foot high, with a hole at top, and should stand on four feet, to let the smoke from the lantern escape.

There must also be a glass planned to rise up and down in the groove a b, and so managed by a cord and pulley, c d e f, that it may be raised up and let down by the cord coming through the outside of the box. On this glass, the spectre, (or any other figure you please,) must be painted in a contracted or equal form, as the figure will reflect a greater length than it is drawn.

When you have lighted the lamp in the lantern, and placed the mirror in a proper direction, put the box on a table, and, setting the chafing-dish in it, throw some incense, in powder, on the coals. You then open the trap door and let down the [Pg 66] glass in the groove slowly, and when you perceive the smoke diminish, draw up the glass, that the figure may disappear, and shut the trap door.

This exhibition will afford a deal of wonder; but observe, that all the lights in the room must be extinguished; and the box should be placed on a high table, that the aperture through which the light comes out may not be seen.

There are many other pleasing experiments which may be made with the magic lantern, but the limits of our work will not permit us to specify them, without excluding many other equally interesting subjects of a different nature.


“Winter” by Winslow Homer 1836-1910.