you only need to change your direction, fossils found on comet fragments, what average americans want

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“Alas,” said the mouse, “the whole world is growing smaller every day. At the beginning it was so big that I was afraid, I kept running and running, and I was glad when I saw walls far away to the right and left, but these long walls have narrowed so quickly that I am in the last chamber already, and there in the corner stands the trap that I must run into.”
“You only need to change your direction,” said the cat, and ate it up.” – Franz Kafka

One of those it sounds great in a quote, but not so easy to do in real life. And who knows it may or may not be one’s fate to change direction. Trying, the attempt, would be some kind of freedom.

Just in case the photograph is misinterpreted, I used it because it shows someone who might fail, but is trying, giving their heart to something they fee passionate about – which is another Kafka quite, but over used.

I found this news, on top of the possibility that life may have existed on Mars, astonishing, Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments

The most startling claims, however, are based on electron microscope images of structures within the stones (see above). Wallis and co. say that one image shows a complex, thick-walled, carbon-rich microfossil about 100 micrometres across that bares similarities with a group of largely extinct marine dinoflagellate algae.

They say another image shows well-preserved flagella that are 2 micrometres in diameter and 100 micrometres long. By terrestrial standards, that’s extremely long and thin, which Wallis and co. interpret as evidence of formation in a low-gravity, low-pressure environment.

There are some black and white micrographs at the link.

Why Is The Media Echoing The Conservative Deficit Zombies When They Do Not Represent The Views of Most Americans

Only 11% of the wealthy mentioned unemployment or education as America’s top problem.
Wealthy respondents tilted toward cutting back – rather than expanding – federal government spending on Social Security and health care.

By contrast, in a national survey taken about the same time as our survey, only seven percent of all Americans mentioned deficits or the national debt as the most important problem, while 53% cited jobs and the economy as the top problem.  Average Americans also leaned toward expanding rather than cutting back on major federal outlays for Social Security and health care.

…Most wealthy respondents to our survey opposed a wide range of job and income policies that majorities of ordinary Americans favor. Our respondents were against setting the minimum wage above the poverty line; providing a decent standard of living for the unemployed; increasing the earned income tax credit; and having government provide jobs for everyone able and willing to work who cannot find private employment.

Likewise, the wealthy opposed – while most Americans favor – providing health insurance financed by tax money; spending “whatever is necessary” to ensure that all children can attend good public schools; making sure that everyone can go to college can do so; and investing more in worker retraining and education to help workers adapt to changes in the economy.

The general American public favors more regulation of big corporations, but our wealthy respondents tend not to favor this idea.

In general I only hear about what average Americans want from Paul Krugman, a couple other print columnists and a some from Rachel Maddow. Fox, NBC, CBS.. all the broadcast media echoes the deficit panic brigade.