low tide sunset wallpaper, the scotus attack on the voting rights act

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low tide sunset wallpaper

Many Supreme Court observers think the court – or more accurately, the conservative majority on the SOTUS, will strike down section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. This article, in my biased view, take a fair look at section five and the progress that has been made in the South in the way of economics and education. Though he does say that the South is quite there yet. When the radical conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said section 5 was the “perpetuation of racial entitlement” he expressed the kind of thinly veiled, more often than, unfounded racial resentment that still ripples though the South. You know how employees seems to have ten grandmothers and they always seem to die on a Friday or Monday. Well, there are a lot of southern white conservatives who have a brother-in-law or know someone who knew someone who was not hired as a firefighter because of “reverse” discrimination. Now these people would never dream of throwing on a white hood. They don’t see these myths about Southern blacks getting ahead at the expense of a more qualified white person as racism. Just like many Red Staters who were on food stamps for a year, or collect Medicare or run a business based on govmint contracts, see their receipt of those benefits as fair, yet complain about “those” people living off the government as moochers. Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts buy into these myths. They are deeply ingrained in the conservative psyche. Sure there has been progress, but especially in restrictive voting rights laws – which target minorities, senior citizens and college students.