cooper and stanwyck, duck dinosaur got a booboo, a few minutes with the great and cranky eggleston

Gary- Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck Great Balls

Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck a still shot from Great Balls of Fire (1941). One of, if not the last of the classic screwball comedies. The premise of Gary Cooper (Prof. Bertram Potts), who actors such as Clint Eastwood tried to be, as a nerdy professor of linguistics is hard to believe, but it was director Billy Wilder’s idea to cast him. It worked out incredibly well. Though Stanwyck (Sugarpuss O’Shea) was great and it is difficult to see anyone else in that role, Carole Lombard was the first choice and she declined. As TMC notes, if Lombard had taken the role it might have saved her life. Her plane accident happened during the premiere of this film.Great Balls of Fire is available on DVD. If you have not seen it, the slang will seem outdated, but it is still clever and because it is outdated, that adds some unintended comedy.

This is sad. I can imagine the poor duck-billed dinosaur trying to get away from all those teeth – I might watch too many movies. Anyway, Scarred Duckbill Dinosaur Escaped T. Rex Attack

A scar on the face of a duckbill dinosaur received after a close encounter with a Tyrannosaurus rex is the first clear case of a healed dinosaur wound, scientists say.

The finding, detailed in the current issue of the journal Cretaceous Research, also reveals that the healing properties of dinosaur skin were likely very similar to that of modern reptiles.

The lucky dinosaur was an adult Edmontosaurus annectens, a species of duckbill dinosaur that lived in what is today the Hell Creek region of South Dakota about 65 to 67 million years ago.

life guard, probably around 1900-1910.

life guard, probably around 1900-1910. this is what a lot of real heroes or their female counterparts look like, kind of average. if you were drowning, would you care that they did not look like a story book or celluloid fantasy.

I haven’t posted any video for a while. This is a pretty good, though Eggleston does kill the whole myth of southern charm:
William Eggleston – Imagine Documentary – Part 1