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Little girl in blue,1918. Oil on canvas.By Amedeo Modigliani

Little girl in blue,1918. Oil on canvas. By Amedeo Modigliani. Sometimes I read someone like Joyce Carol Oates (The Pied Piper of Tucson) or Larry McMurtry ( The Last Picture Show), both of whom generally use such simple prose. Words we all use in sentences everyday. I wonder how they can string those words together to such profound effect. Modigliani is like with with the simple lines of his paintings. The faces are  usually some slight variation of the classic oval. There is some shadowing that does add some depth and curve, but just barely. The eyes are the same, yet different enough to let the viewer know that these eyes are of someone different from the last.

If you got one question right on a math tests does that mean you’re a great mathematician. Rand Paul(R-TN) may have gotten a part of one question correct. he needs to go back to square one and get a tutor, Rand Paul  Praises Horrendous Supreme Court Decision, Would Let Employers Ruthlessly Exploit Workers.

Some Insect Wings Are Natural Antibiotics

The wings of the Australia’s Clanger cicada are bumpy, strewn with unimaginably tiny spikes. These teeny bumps give the wings a special ability, according to new research: the cicada’s wings are naturally antibiotic—they kill some bacteria on contact.

These are microscopic spikes that puncture a hole in the bacteria, so a bandaging material, for example ,could be woven with such spikes and the patient couldn’t tell it from current bandages.

black and white lost love

black and white lost love


Antarctica: Engine of ocean life

This high, barren, white desert is so remote and so inhospitable that no human beings have ever made it their natural home.

But despite this, the continent is teaming with life, the majority of it in the rich oceans that surround the ice.

Here, whales, seals, penguins and sea birds gorge on the rich variety of sea life, which is in turn fuelled by the nutrient rich waters.

But this is not a local phenomenon – the effects of Antarctica’s productivity is felt across the planet. The waters are an engine that drives productivity in all oceans, helping create some of the world’s richest fishing grounds… for both animals and people.

There is a video at the link. It is produced by the BBC, who have been making nature videos for around  a thousand years or so.