lava lamp and eight track wallpaper, some culture notes, this is what wing-nut welfare looks like

Some cultures notes:

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” from Conversations with Tennessee Williams. Today is the anniversary of “Tennessee” Williams death, February 25, 1983. Williams wrote some of the most famous critically acclaimed plays of any American playwright. Some of which were made into movies, including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Rose Tattoo, Orpheus Descending, The Night of the Iguana, Sweet Bird of Youth, and Summer and Smoke.

The Night of the Iguana is on my personal top 100 movies list. Not suitable for younger children. Adeline Virginia Woolf ( 25 January 1882 – 28 March 1941) was around for the new wave of art and entertainment called moving pictures. She wrote an essay about this wild new media phenomenon in 1926, Virginia Woolf on the Language of Film and the Evils of Cinematic Adaptations of Literature

People say that the savage no longer exists in us, that we are at the fag-end of civilization, that everything has been said already, and that it is too late to be ambitious. But these philosophers have presumably forgotten the movies. They have never seen the savages of the twentieth century watching the pictures. They have never sat themselves in front of the screen and thought how for all the clothes on their backs and the carpets at their feet, no great distance separates them from those bright-eyed naked men who knocked two bars of iron together and heard in that clangour a foretaste of the music of Mozart.

What do you think – do movies bring out the savage in us. Are they the end of culture and civilization.

lava lamp and eight track wallpaper

lava lamp and eight track wallpaper

While I am not among the millions of fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s of Eat, Pray, Love, this travel essay she wrote for GQ is very good, Long Day’s Journey

sometimes in life, there is a thing you long for so deeply that you are willing to wait for years—almost lying in ambush!—until you can get it. Suppose there’s a woman you’ve always desired, but her heart belongs to another. You wait with one ear to the ground for the day you hear she’s left her fiancé, and then you approach. Or maybe there’s a job you’ve always fancied, or a wristwatch, or a car.

Even lusting in one’s heart is no longer politically correct. Though if you don’t tell anyone you can get away with it. It is fine for Elizabeth since she is a writer and has rent to pay.

The next two links are just two of the thousands if not millions ( literally) of what conservative welfare looks like:

Along with The Franklin Foundation and it’s professional propaganda machine we also have the Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, and may the forces of the universe have mercy on this nation’s children, John Stossel, The Right-Wing Money Putting John Stossel In School Classrooms

The program now offers hundreds of free clips from Stossel’s shows and specials that claim to seriously address a range of academic subjects, including Art (“Why does Hollywood Hate Capitalism?”), Biology (“Debunking Food Myths”), and History (“The Real Story of Thanksgiving,” which explains “how the Pilgrims were hurt by sharing”).

“Stossel in the Classroom” also produces libertarian economics courses. The small team of economists that writes materials such as “Making Economics Come Alive with John Stossel” has multiple close ties to the Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Economic Education at Florida State University.

The videos on the site are stacked with pundits echoing Stossel’s radical laissez-faire views.

If anyone is wondering what is wrong with laissez-faire economics, just think all the way back to the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008.

Why Does Glenn Beck Love Laissez-faire Capitalism, Yet Wants To Force All Cable Subscribers To Pay For His Conspiracy Theory Channel

Beck started promoting on Monday, asking fans to demonstrate to their television provider that there is wider demand for the libertarian channel. If his channel does get picked up by cable television providers, anyone who pays for cable will subsidize Beck’s channel, regardless of whether or not they watch it. As The New York Times explains, TV channels get small per-subscriber fees, whether or not the subscribers ever watch.

If Glenn Beck and his cult of followers want their own channel, that’s fine. Though why campaign to force this stellar product down everyone’s throat. We’re all already subsidizing Fox News. Why can’t Beck make his channel a premium channel like HBO. Those that want to subscribe can pay for it. If it is a great product the market will decide if it lives or dies. Just like the Randian style live or die capitalism he says he believes in.

Les Fumeurs or The Smokers by Fernand Leger

Les Fumeurs or The Smokers, 1911. By Fernand Leger in the Cubist style.