some black and white photography, the ironically named franklin center an atm machine for conservative news propaganda

let's party like it's 1980

let’s party like it’s 1980. a black and white photo from my older – not old, collection. Those born in 1980 would only be 33 now, and that is not old. I added some dust and starches.

The homeless and unemployed of the Great Depression wait in line seeking shelter in New York

The homeless and unemployed of the Great Depression wait in line seeking shelter in New York, 1930. Another photo I liked. I did not do much in the way of effects with this because it is an original news wire photo. The contrast between the people, the side walk and the construction barrier provides plenty of composition effect.

leafless tree german countryside

leafless tree German countryside. i’m not crazy about how this Creative Commons picture was framed. because of the shape of the tree, it’s sparseness and that of the background, it seems to me that he/she would have gotten a better picture if it was a little off-center. i included it because i like how the tint and softening  turned out in Photoshop.

rachel mcadams red heels

rachel mcadams red heels. i haven’t done a photo with this type of effect for a while. they’re tedious to do with a computer mouse. i wish they had not killed off her character, Irene Adler in Game of Shadows. maybe they’ll use some movie magic to bring her back for the next one.

This is as close as I’ll probably come to doing a post on the Oscars. If you like architecture and design this is interesting, And The Oscar Goes To: Top 10 Contemporary Buildings In Movies. They include Frank Gehry’s controversial Disney Opera House, and one of the houses used in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


Why do I find this sad, Astrophile: Evaporating planet shows how worlds vanish

What liberal media? Franklin Center Top Donor Is Right-Wing’s “Dark Money ATM”

Nearly all of the 2011 funding for the conservative Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, which oversees state news sites nationwide, came from a single foundation that has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to right-wing causes, according to a recent report of the Center for Public Integrity.

[  ]…The group’s editors have claimed that their “professional journalism” work is walled off from the organization’s more nakedly political operations that include seminars and webinars promoting conservative journalism coverage with staffers from The Daily Caller and They contend their “pro-taxpayer, pro-liberty, free market perspective” doesn’t compromise their accuracy or independence.

A lot of the news stories that end up n your local newspaper are basically propaganda written by the Franklin Center. In addition to the irony of naming themselves after a radical free-thinker like Franklin their top priority is not liberty or free enterprise, but to push the trickle down economics responsible for an era of record inequality in wages. Of all the work produced by American workers, the vast majority of it is being redistributed from the workers who create the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, to the plutocrats at the top.