poe’s atlantic sea storm wallpaper, teevee and children, religion and bad behavior

poe’s atlantic sea storm wallpaper

Both of these studies have popped up in the last couple days. At first I thought they were contradictory, but they just come at their conclusions from slightly different angles, Certain Television Fare Can Help Ease Aggression in Young Children, Study Finds

In a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, researchers reported the results of a program designed to limit the exposure of preschool children to violence-laden videos and television shows and increase their time with educational programming that encourages empathy. They found that the experiment reduced the children’s aggression toward others, compared with a group of children who were allowed to watch whatever they wanted.

More Sesame Street and less gun play. This study has similar findings,Excessive TV in childhood linked to long-term antisocial behaviour

The study also found that watching more television in childhood was associated, in adulthood, with aggressive personality traits, an increased tendency to experience negative emotions, and an increased risk of antisocial personality disorder; a psychiatric disorder characterised by persistent patterns of aggressive and antisocial behaviour.

[  ]…Other studies have suggested a link between television viewing and antisocial behaviour(in children), though very few have been able to demonstrate a cause-and-effect sequence. This is the first ‘real-life’ study that has asked about TV viewing throughout the whole childhood period, and has looked at a range of antisocial outcomes in adulthood. As an observational study, it cannot prove that watching too much television caused the antisocial outcomes, but the findings are consistent with most of the research and provides further evidence that excessive television can have long-term consequences for behaviour.

Though the New Zealand researchers also noted that one or two hours a day of what they called quality programming – more educational and less violent. And while we’re on the subject of behavior and behavior modification, New study raises questions about religion as deterrent against criminal behaviour

The U.S. study found that through “purposeful distortion or genuine ignorance,” hardcore criminals often co-opt religious doctrine to justify or further their crimes.

The findings could have important implications, the researchers say, for how faith-based services are administered within the corrections system.

[  ]…

They interviewed 48 people who were actively involved in serious and violent street-level crimes, including drug dealing, robbery, car jacking and burglary.

Almost all of them professed a belief in God and identified with the Christian faith.  However, many of the criminals had an incomplete understanding of the rules and expectations of their faith, the study found.

One 33-year-old criminal, identified in the study by the nickname “Triggerman,” refused to accept the suggestion that a consequence of murder was eternal damnation.

“No, no, no, I don’t think that is right,” he told the researchers. “Anything can be forgiven. We live in Hell now and you can do anything in Hell. … God has to forgive everyone, even if they don’t believe in him.”

They still show reruns of Cops in some areas. When it was on I would come across it wile channel surfing and almost every week some guy, usually shirtless for some reason, would be face down being cuffed and yelling something about only Jesus can judge me. That kind of rationalization for behavior is very common in the South. I heard it while growing up and still hear it. It is the OK maybe I did do something wrong, but who are you to judge me interpretation of morality. Though this study and shows like Cops perpetuate a distorted and side-long view of crime, behavior and morality. For someone to commit street crimes – which can be devastating, has become the pinnacle of anti-social behavior. Yet for the average person, the wrongs down them, acts committed which have the most adverse lifetime effects on their economic status, job security, housing, health and retirement security, will be perpetuated by nice college educated people who work in offices behind a desk using a spreadsheet. It has been said that these desk jockeys are too big to prosecute. Maybe they shouldn’t go to jail, I don’t know, but they could be banned from say banking or insurance or oil refining, in addition to paying a fine.