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european tram circa 1960s

european tram circa 1960s

I hope this article clears some common myths up. People who are naturally smart, are not known to have particularly large brains, yet equating brain size with intelligence is still common,  Two Myths and Three Facts About the Differences in Men and Women’s Brains

FACT 2 There are sex differences in the size of individual brain structures

The hippocampus, a structure involved in memory, is usually larger in women; the amygdala, a structure involved in emotional processing, is larger in men. It’s also true that the cortical mantle (made up of grey matter) is thicker in women, and that women tend to have a higher ratio of grey to white matter (white matter being the kind of brain cells that are insulated). However, it’s important to note that these differences may have more to do with brain size than with sex—in other words it could be that smaller brains tend to have a higher ratio of grey matter, and it just happens that women tend to have smaller brains.

Brain size is somewhat proportion to body size. Taking women as a group versus men as a group, women have smaller brains, but frequently individual women have larger brains than an individual man. And size does not matter anyway. The issue underlying this is intelligence. IQ tests are not the last word on intelligence or the capacity to learn, and certainly not the last word on other valuable qualities like compassion or courage under stress, but women as a group are have higher IQs than men.

It’s also important to remember that behavioural differences between the sexes are rarely as fixed as is often made out in the media. Cultural expectations and pressures play a big part. For instance, telling women that their sex is inferior at mental rotation tends to provoke poor performance; giving them empowering information, by contrast, tends to nullify any sex differences. Related to this, in countries that subscribe less strongly to gender-stereotyped beliefs about ability, women tend to perform better at science. These kind of findings remind us that over-simplifying and over-generalising findings about gender differences risks setting up vicious self-fulfilling prophesies, so that men and women come to resemble unfounded stereotypes.

FACT 3 Sex-related brain differences matter

Whilst we should be cautious about how we interpret sex-related brain differences (Cordelia Fine reminds us that “the male brain is like nothing in the world so much as a female brain”), it’s important not to take political correctness too far and deny that differences do exist. The neuroscientist Larry Cahill makes this point in his 2006 paper “Why sex matters for neuroscience”, in which he reviews many of the sex-related brain differences. Furthering our understanding of sex-related brain differences could help shed much needed light on conditions like autism and depression that tend to be found much more often in men and women, respectively.

I’ve been known to waste time, with practice I have even reached a certain level of proficiency. I cannot imagine using my valuable wasted time to make silly claims like men are inferior to women because more of them suffer from autism or that women are inferior to men because, as a group they’re more prone to depression.

weathered old boat wallpaper

weathered old boat wallpaper

Why Does Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) Hate American Values and Working Families. Sam has a wonderful idea. Hee and some other conservative governors and legislatures are planing to shape their state economies like states in 1848. Those were the good old days. Sam and other conservatives are doing this for a good cause. Wealthy corporations, millionaires and billionaires are very unhappy. And it says right there in the Declaration of Independence they have the right to pursue happiness, even if it means trampling on yours; at least that is their take. So the citizens of Kansas, North Carolina and Wisconsin – among others, need to bite the bullet and sacrifice all they can so these exceptionally wealthy entities will be happy.  The reasons they’re sad are not complicated or new. They have a lot. All they need to have a happy life, but as is typical of some humans through the course of history, that is not enough, they want more. You take the Walton family for instance. They own as much in that one family as forty percent of American families. They can hardly be expected to provide for themselves on that fortune and be happy. They and other wealthy families need more to be happier. So all those working class families in states with conservatives governors and legislatures, please sacrifice all you possibly can so Sam Brownback, the Waltons, the Coors family, the Koch brothers, Exxon and Home Depot can be happy, even if it’s only until the next wave of wanting more and more. If you have to work for pennies an hour and do without health care, well that is what a patriot who believes in the free market would do.