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Time for another trip in the way-back machine, Social Security’s So-called Unfunded Entitlements

Back in January 2005, when President Bush was ramping up his attack on Social Security, Peter Wehner, a White House political strategist, wrote in a memorandum to conservative groups: “We need to establish in the public mind a key fiscal fact: right now we are on an unsustainable course. The reality needs to be seared into the public consciousness.”

Bush desperately wanted to privatize Social Security—to send the hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street so that the geniuses who manage money could blow the whole wad on their speculative schemes. Just imagine how that would have worked out! The already bubbling real estate and commodity markets could have reached an even more stupendous peak before crashing into what presumably would have been an even worse Global Financial Collapse. And today’s seniors would be dumpster diving without Social Security to fall back on.

Wray  goes on to make the point that what are referred to as The Beltway, The Villagers and assorted pundits and sorry-ass analysts have absorbed this nonsense that the deficit is somehow connected to Social Security – so we have to destroy the safety net for the nation’s very existence depends upon it. It is more like Social Security needs a little tweak and we’ll all be fine. The deficit is another matter. Most of it is still connected to and might still be connected to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that ever so fiscally responsible conservatives – the ones doing all the finger wagging now – put on the credit card, the meltdown that happened because conservatives and conservative Democrats bought into deregulation fever, and the Bush tax cuts.

Feb 3, 2013 was the 100th anniversary of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal (February 2, 1913).


Passengers line up in New York’s Grand Central Station to buy tickets, April,1974. A bonus look at the big wall ads showing how 70s fashion has come back around.Via The National Archives.

Main Hall of Grand Central, also 1974

Main Hall of Grand Central, also 1974.

4 Dumbest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories … Involving Photoshop

During an  interview last month with The New Republic, President Obama was asked if he has ever fired a gun. After the president told the magazine that he goes skeet shooting with guests at Camp David, conservatives — as well as reporters from more mainstream outlets — sought proof. In order to quiet the skeptics, on Saturday the White House released a photo of the president shooting clay targets at Camp David in 2012:

Linking to the picture on Twitter, White House senior adviser David Plouffe  joked, “let the photoshop conspiracies begin!” While Plouffe was mocking the penchant of some conservatives to turn everything related to President Obama into a conspiracy, some conservative outlets quickly proved his point by doing just that (New York Magazine has produced a  comprehensive roundup of the skeet shooting conspiracies).

In an  article posted Sunday at conservative website American Thinker — an outlet frequently  touted and cited by Rush Limbaugh —  titled “Seven Reasons Why it’s a Photoshop,” blogger Michael Harlin concluded, “if he’s shooting skeet, then I’m Daffy Duck.” (While the headline calls it a Photoshop, Harlin seems to waver on whether the picture was manipulated or merely “staged like everything else in President Obama’s life.”)

Perhaps it is naive or overly optimistic of me to expect that a site that calls itself American Thinker ( and not ironically mind you) should do some actual think’n. They have previously posted dozens, if not hundreds of analyst laced conspiracy theories. They insisted for example that President Obama’s book Dreams of My Father was ghost written by Bill Ayers. They came to this conclusion by “expert” language analyst that included the repetition of some words. It turns out that Dreams, using their analytical methods could have also been written by Moby Dick author Herman Melville.


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