golden retriever wallpaper, how gun makers make children into future customers

winter golden retriever wallpaper

This is a interesting look at how gun manufacturers are marketing guns and gun culture to children in the same way that cigarette makers were marketing to or creating future smokers by association with candy cigarettes; and everyone probably remembers the child appealing cartoon advertisements featuring Joe Camel, Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers

The marketing of imitation adult products to children in the hope they will blossom into customers of the genuine article is widespread. The video game presents further opportunities for manufacturers to target young people. Toyota and Nissan work with racing game developers to show off their vehicles as pristinely desirable. Nike and Adidas position their logo on virtual boots. Gibson licenses plastic versions of its guitars in the hope players will progress from the coloured buttons of the peripheral to the nickel-wound strings of a Les Paul.

[ ]…The video game industry has been drawn into the conversation by parties on both sides. In December 2012 Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, delivered a speech in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. He accused games companies of being the seeders of school shooting nightmares, calling out “a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people”. Then, in January 2013, representatives from Electronic Arts and Activision – the publishers behind the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series – were called into a conference with Biden to discuss the relationship between games and real-life violence.

Whether causal links between the two exist is a question for the researchers. Their work will continue with renewed vigour in the coming months, potentially supported by funding from Congress at President Obama’s behest. But there’s another question, one hidden in plain sight, concerning the link between games and guns: how do real life weapons make their way into video games?

There is little evidence that simply owning a gun pushes people to kill, little evidence that video games, movies kill people. So it was amazing that the NRA states emphatically that guns do not kill people but violent movies and video games do. There are studies that show the more guns there are in an area or home the more gun violence there is – when guns are handy, people who are enraged and have some control issues are more likely to reach for them. There is also some evidence that violent video games can make children(under 16) more aggressive and generally agitated ( thus the warning labels on video games that many parents ignore). One fairly clear case of cause and effect in all of this is that of advertising on children. A lot of people do not think advertising works. The multi-billion dollar advertising industry probably disagrees. They can makes children future consumers of sniper rifles, cigarettes, Skittles and and whatever else they can get in front of children via traditional media or video games.

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A protein from a class known as sirtuins which has previously been linked to aging, could help “reverse” aging process. The findings thus far only apply to mice, so I wouldn’t cancel the life insurance policy yet. Though the findings do indicate a possible therapeutic route for treating neurodegenerative diseases.

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Wonderful historical and cultural essay, THE VERTICAL POETRY OF SITTING BULL

“White Man, you think to be better than a Red Man, Black Man and Yellow Man. But your skin is the color of worms, and soft like the belly of a blind mole.” Verses written with the Indian technique of smoke signals by the Sioux Chief Sitting Bull in Ohio, 1849.  (from the book “The Burning Soul”)