healing the brain with snail venom, old pine botanical illustration

Put down the blue berries, the bourbon or the LSD, you’re doing it wrong, Healing the Brain with Snail Venom

Conotoxins—the chains of amino acids found in the venom of a cone snail—are medical marvels. In 2003 psychiatrist and environmentalist Eric Chivian of Harvard University described these sea creatures as having “the largest and most clinically important pharmacopoeia of any genus in nature.” Scientists believe conotoxins could help treat epilepsy, depression and other disorders by interacting with the nervous system.

There remains a lot to be discovered about how snail venom can help with human ailments, unfortunately over collection of the shells is putting many of the species that carry these special chains of amino acids at risk of extinction.

macro flower parts wallpaper

macro flower parts wallpaper

Rodeo Girls a photo essay project by Ilona Szwarc. Szwarc has done still photo work for Andrzej Wajda, Jonathan Glazer and Roman Polanski.

The project investigates a different aspect of American girl culture and documents a different idea of femininity—girls who are strong, tough and competitive and who are involved in activities that traditionally are reserved for men. They are limited in manifesting their femininity—it is often transposed to their animals, which are very pampered. Even though the attire is the same as men’s, girls accessorize their jeans and shirts as well as their horses to show their girly style. They are athletes who travel from competition to competition all year long. Each one of them owns several horses and trailers. It is a unique lifestyle, where kids are brought up in a very strict and disciplined manner with emphasis on hard work, respect and cultivation of friendships and family relationships. They are often isolated and secluded, devoting their time to animals and work on farms.

pine or pinus folius botanical illustration 1758

pine or pinus folius botanical illustration 1758

Why Does Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Hate America, Children and the Truth, and Wants Rapists To Have Assault Weapons

They Still Do That? 9 Old Time Businesses Still Thriving. Some doctors still make house-calls – though primarily to house bound seniors. Some dairies still deliver milk and while they’re endangered, there are still family farms.

Paper Age from Ken Ottmann on Vimeo.