sperm whales temporarily adopt dolphin, rain wallpaper III, seated man by adalbert cuvelier

In Bad Teacher, Elizabeth ( Cameron Diaz) made fun of the idea of cetaceans, dolphins in particular as being “humans of the sea”, more and more observations make that seem closer to reality. Though minus the assault weapons, Saturday fights outside white trash bars and dumping toxic waste into our drinking water, Slideshow: Sperm Whales Adopt Deformed Dolphin

Sperm whales are fierce squid hunters, but they also have a softer side. In a serendipitous sighting in the North Atlantic, researchers have discovered a group of the cetaceans that seem to have taken in an adult bottlenose dolphin(Tursiops truncatus) with a spinal malformation, at least temporarily. It may be that both species simply liked the social contact.

Scientists say that while dolphins have been observed to be pretty gregarious in occasionally hanging out with various species of whales, this is the first time they have observed them with Sperm whales. Sperm whales are those specialized deep-water hunters who feed on giant squid if they can find them. It is not unusual to find Sperm whales with scars from a struggling squid.

rain wallpaper III

rain wallpaper III

Utah Man Carries Rifle Into JC Penney To Defend Against ‘Criminals, Cartels, Drug Lords’ and ‘Evil Men’. That’s the reason why I stopped going to JC Penney, all the drug lords and evil men. Is there some kind of guide or decoder ring I should buy. This courageous individual was white and male.  Are the WMs the people with assault rifles slung over their shoulder the ones we can trust are not in the store, school, church, parking lot..to go on a rampage. Or is it black women or “Middle-eastern” looking men, that we can trust to carry assault weapons. Maybe the NRA could use some of their millions in donations to distribute a guide book on how to recognize who is to be trusted not to suddenly open fire. Until than should we all wear flak vets. Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid head wounds since flak vests don’t cover your head. Oh, and I just remembered that you can bled to death from a leg wound in just few minutes depending on where the bullet(s) hit. A super smart gentleman in the comments said that libruls are anti-American because they plan to ban all guns. I read the executive orders the President signed and his proposals, and it says nothing about banning guns. I wonder if that guy is lying or something. That would be a mean thing to do. People don’t lie in comment section, do they.

seated man, 1852, by adalbert cuvelier.

seated man, 1852, salted paper print from paper negative, by adalbert cuvelier. adalbert was a french photographer (1812–1871). his son, eugene cuvelier went on to become a photographer and is probably better know.