black and white pasture, punishing people for being single, the nra’s desperate and bizarre new ad

black and white pasture wallpaper

black and white pasture wallpaper

While not on pare with racism or sexism ( against women or men), singles or being single is one of the most discriminated against groups in the U.S. I suspect this applies to Western Europe and Asia as well. For centuries governments, rulers and organized religion have seen it to their advantage to encourage marriage. Cultural, political and religious pressures zeroed in on the supposed anti-social aspects of being single. One of the attacks on singledom that is especially egregious is that single people are automatically both selfish and irresponsible. How one can live in this world and  observe marriages, and come away with the impression that the state of matrimony miraculously turned people into responsible generous citizens is a good example of confirmation bias with a generous coat of cognitive dissonance. Not that marriage can’t be great and some married couples would feel their lives deeply deprived if they had not found their mate. Only that marriage is not for everyone and modern attempts to coerce people into marriage are way past their expiration date, The High Price of Being Single in America

U.S. Federal Code Title 5 Part III says: The President may prescribe rules which shall prohibit… discrimination because of marital status. Yet more than 1,000 laws provide overt legal or financial benefits to married couples. Marital privileging marginalizes the 50 percent of Americans who are single. The U.S. government is the main perpetrator, but private companies follow its lead. Thus marital privilege pervades nearly every facet of our lives. Insurance policies—ranging from health, to life, to home, to car—cost more, on average, for unmarried people compared to those who are married. It is not a federal crime for landlords to discriminate against potential renters based on their marital status. And so on.

One reason these policies exist is to encourage people to get married, because being married was—and still is—considered a social good. Some have suggested that marriage makes people healthier and happier, but critics such as Dr. Bella DePaulo have pointed out that most studies show that, in the long term, there is little to no difference between married and single people in terms of health, happiness, or personal responsibility. Additionally, these studies are often poorly designed, consider data sets that are not representative of the general population, or fail to consider alternative hypotheses—for example, people who are already happy might be more likely to become married, or happiness might come from having close interpersonal relationships, which may or may not include a spouse. Whatever the truth might be about marriage’s effects, we the authors would like to redraw the lines of discussion and argue that policy-makers need to reject policies that take into consideration an individual’s marital status, because such policies are discriminatory.

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Oldreive's new tricycle, or the New Iron Horse

Oldreive’s new tricycle, or the New Iron Horse, c1882. From what I can tell he seems to have made the rider a stationary sling inside the turning wheel. That sounds like an out of date concept, but it is similar to the space age cycles they used in Men in Black 3.

Is This the Most Insane N.R.A. Ad Ever? Yes, Yes, Definitely Yes

“Are the president’s kids more important than yours?” so begins a new video advertisement from the National Rifle Association timed to coincide with the president’s gun-policy announcement later today. “Then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school.” We genuinely cannot tell if this is a rhetorical question. Does the N.R.A. truly not know why the daughters of the president require a personal security detail but other children do not?

There are so many twisted aspects to the NRA’s scatter-shot against someone who has voiced support of the 2nd Amendment and even liberalized some gun restrictions, it is difficult to list them all. Does the NRA think it only fair they taxpayers pay for every child in the US to have armed law enforcement protection? Perhaps there is some justification for  security for his daughters since he appears to be the most threatened president in U.S. history,

President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched Secret Service. He is the most threatened President in history.

Since the President took office in 2008, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400% cent.

Where are these threats coming from. Gee, maybe far Right conservatives who live in a constant state of paranoid frenzy because of the propaganda spread by organizations like the NRA.

Some interesting U.S. history about how some of the first militias were used to maintain slavery, The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

(Patrick) Henry then bluntly laid it out:

“If the country be invaded, a state may go to war, but cannot suppress [slave] insurrections [under this new Constitution]. If there should happen an insurrection of slaves, the country cannot be said to be invaded. They cannot, therefore, suppress it without the interposition of Congress . . . . Congress, and Congress only [under this new Constitution], can call forth the militia.”

The Devil's Workshop, August 1911. Eastport, Maine

The Devil’s Workshop   August 1911. Eastport, Maine. The title to the photograph was by the great  American photographer Lewis Wickes Hine. The original caption further read,  “Group of young cutters, Seacoast Canning Co., Factory #2, waiting for more fish. They all work, but they waste a great deal of time, as the adults do also, waiting for fish to arrive.” Anyone up for a quick knife fight? .” The boy in the center is holding a knife. By the bored expressions on their faces I think he was being ironic.