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In the in Aceh province of Indonesia, said to be the most devote Muslim region of the country some teens were detained at a little concert for being “punk”, making noise. Many were said to have Mohawks and “funky” hair styles. They will be sent by the police to re-education centers, “They will undergo a re-education so their morals will match those of other Acehnese people,” said a spokesman. I have long thought that boisterous young people with modern haircuts should be re-educated. Those liberal or progressive whatevers at the Aceh Human Rights Coalition says the police should not have been so reactionary and treated children like criminals. “They are just children, teenagers, expressing themselves,” she said. Sure, that’s what they said about teens and The Beatles and Elvis. Than we had rock and roll, and teens shaking their bodies in immoral ways, making out, wearing lipstick. And well the rest is history. The sure gradual decline of civilization. Greed, materialism, Wall Street, bankers, wage inequality, toxic waste, incredibly bad suburban planning, lack of humility, the cult of personality, shallowness, contempt for education, rigid backwards fundamentalism, racism and sexism have nothing to do with the decay of modern societies. It’s all rock and roll, and free sex and condoms. People, other people, not you and me of course, could learn a lot from materials science. Manipulated surfaces – the use of polymers that respond to external stimuli. External stimuli, wink, wink, nudge nudge! One of biggest barriers to returning us to the good old days of Andrew Jackson or the Prophet Mohammed or whoever points that crazy glow in the eye of the truly up-standing citizens of your community is that women insist on wearing high heels,

Why? The researchers report that, while wearing high-heeled shoes, the women “walked in a fashion more characteristic of female gait.” Specifically, “walkers in high heels took smaller, more frequent steps,” and this reduction in the length of their stride was accompanied by “increased rotation and tilt of the hips.”

In other words, they argue, high heels exaggerate the differences in the ways men and women walk, making the wearer appear more feminine. This stimulates “sexual arousal in males,” as well as increased attentiveness on the part of women who are scoping out potential competitors for male attention.

This can happen on either a conscious or an unconscious level, but this evidence suggests the dynamic is real, and transcends fashion fads.

Morris and his colleagues conclude that a woman walking in high heels is a “supernormal stimulus”—that is, an enhanced version of a stimulus found in nature. Previous research has suggested junk food can be seen the same way, in that it stimulates our natural craving for sugar, salt and fats by offering them in exaggerated concentrations.

These men and women who find high heels attractive may have a change of mind if we did the proper moral thing and started sending people to re-education camps. Or forced prayer always works, Schools ‘May Require Recitation Of The Lord’s Prayer’ Under Indiana Bill. Before any of the God hating anti-American commie fascist scum start with their freedom of religion silliness let me just say one word, magic. It has been proven beyond doubt that saying the special words magically makes people whose thoughts and behavior of which you do not approve, magically change into a projection of the person envisioned by the purveyors of magic words. The devout of Aceh and Indiana are rumored to be co-writing a re-education handbook. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to that.

antiqued city street wallpaper

antiqued city street wallpaper

While I still think anything the NYT’s John Tierney writes should be approached with extreme caution, they say even the most uncoordinated hit the nail with enough attempts, Why You Won’t Be the Person You Expect to Be

When we remember our past selves, they seem quite different. We know how much our personalities and tastes have changed over the years. But when we look ahead, somehow we expect ourselves to stay the same, a team of psychologists said Thursday, describing research they conducted of people’s self-perceptions.

They called this phenomenon the “end of history illusion,” in which people tend to “underestimate how much they will change in the future.” According to their research, which involved more than 19,000 people ages 18 to 68, the illusion persists from teenage years into retirement.

In my reading about aging and changing over the last year, one of the changes that stand out is the ability to put negative things in perspective. Not to be confused with smiley faced denial of harsh reality, but just the realization that too much time dwelling on the negative does not yield much in return. This is probably why, that yes, grandparents see their grand children’s behavior frequently as just so much drama, but are frequently more understanding than parents.

the end of civilization

the end of civilization

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