examples of the art of american realism, democracy is not an age appropriate toy for conservatives and libertarians

study of a young man by william glackens,1903

study of a young man by william glackens,1903. red chalk on paper ( this is a black and white print obviously)
the figure is glacken’s friend everett shinn. the chair in this painting also appeared in another famous painting by glackens called ‘the ermine muff”. i did previously did post that featured some american impressionists. glackens(1870-1930) was part of the next trend, american realism. he and his friend shinn were part of the short lived, though influential Ashcan school art movement.

at the shore by a.h. maurer, 1901. oil on cardboard.

at the shore by a.h. maurer, 1901. oil on cardboard.  the painting was inspired by a scene on the beach in new york. maurer was highly influenced by james whistler, with the tones verging on being monochromatic with just accents of color. the first time i saw this painting i guessed it to be a whistler. i would have put one of whistler’s paintings up to day, but i don’t have a good print of one. alfred henry maurer (1868-1932) was also a transitional figure with some of his work having a strong impressionist’s influence, with others leaning toward the realistic.

pure by william m. chase c1888

pure by william m. chase, c1888. pastel on paper. this pastel by chase, one of a series shows a kind of final break with the impressionists. it borders on being photographic rather than painterly. it also shows that like some paintings of mary cassat, the continuing influence of Japanese art with the Oriental design of the fabric. chase also did some paintings in the impressionist style.

tea leaves-by-william m-paxton-inkbluesky

tea leaves by william m. paxton, oil on canvas, 1909. originally from Massachusetts paxton traveled to paris to study under jean-leon gerome where he also became influenced by the French classicist Ingres.  it is perhaps that influence that is rflected in the fine details of the figure and
the table settings. combined with the character study, the woman’s expression,
those details make many of his paintings anecdotal records of the time. while
there are touches of impressionism, paxton concentrates on providing some
context and narrative… what is she contemplating.

Michigan Republicans Prove That Democracy is Not an Age Appropriate Toy For Conservatives

Ironically, voters had given Snyder and his cohort of right-wing corporate ideologues a spanking for this kind of nastiness in a November referendum. The GOP cabal in Lansing had conspired last year to usurp the local authority of city governments and allow Snyder to send in unelected, unaccountable autocrats to fire elected officials and seize control, but last month, Michigan voters overthrew this absurdity.

This month, however, Snyder and gang doubled down on their dumbfounding, anti-democratic zealotry. With no warning, no hearings, no public input, no floor debate, and no time for citizens to even know what was happening, the same legislative czarists rammed a union-busting bill into law. Even though he had publicly rejected such a proposal earlier this year as being “very divisive,” Emperor Snyder gleefully signed this measure.

Who’s behind this madness? Say hello to two infamous, anti-union, billionaire plutocrats: the Koch brothers. They had funneled as much as a million dollars into Snyder’s 2010 gubernatorial election, and three Michigan front groups funded by the billionaire brothers aggressively pushed the exact same anti-worker proposal that the Republican thugs just bullied into law.

The social contract, that understanding where employers and politicians agree that workers are partners in making capitalism and democracy work, has been declared the enemy in the scorched earth policies of conservatives and libertarians. In the past various types of economic-government systems have been tried, from feudalism to colonialism to communism to various degrees of fascism. They all failed because they violated the social contract.