Einstein and Schrodinger letters hint at discovery of dark energy, daffodil wallpaper

Old letters between Einstein and Schrodinger hint at early discovery of Dark Energy

“In 1917 Einstein published his Cosmological Considerations Concerning the General Theory of Relativity. In it was the first use of the cosmological constant. Shortly thereafter Schrodinger presented a note providing a solution to these same equations with the cosmological constant term transposed to the right hand side thus making it part of the stress-energy tensor. Einstein commented that if Schrodinger had something more than a mere mathematical convenience in mind he should describe its properties. Then Einstein detailed what some of these properties might be. In so doing, he gave the first description of Dark Energy.”

Block quotes do not seem to be working today. Anyway, Einstein said that not seeing that the universe was constantly expanding at an accelerated rate (the cosmological constant term transposed to the right hand side) was one of his biggest mistakes. It seems that  Schrodinger did and Einstein would have included early on, if Schrodinger had produced more evidence. Einstein did change his cosmological constant later. The quote is from the introduction to the paper, and it is one of those times where the researchers were good enough to make the full paper available for download for everyone.

daffodil wallpaper

daffodil wallpaper.

Yesterday was the 182nd anniversary of Emily Dickinson’s birth.



Bill O’Reilly is lucky the Pinocchio effect is just a fairy tale otherwise he’d need a dump-truck just to take his nose to work, Bill O’Reilly Does Not Understand The U.S. Tax Code. Usually what average Americans struggle with are allowable deductions. The basic tax rates, shown in your tax return booklet are relatively easy. O’Reilly and Fox News constantly repeat the zombie legend that lowering taxes and deregulating will allow corporations the income needed to create more jobs – the whole concept of demand gets lost. And reports like this keep coming along, CHART: Corporate Profits Skyrocket While Corporate Taxes Plummet, which means that corporations will not hire people as long as they are making huge profits without hiring.

This, Filed under Cinema / Forgotten Classics O Lucky Man! reminded me of If…. the movie, released in 1968 ( you have to have the four dots).

There has possibly been no better point in Britain’s political history to reinvestigate Lindsay Anderson’s 1968 film, If….  With the ‘ruling elite’ in Britain back where they think they belong, ie ‘ruling’ (but with no particular aim other than protecting their own god-given career trajectory), If…. is a brave and singular attempt to explain why this self-proclaimed elite are so out-of-touch with anything outside of their sheltered little realms (As is stated at the start of the film “Town is out of bounds”).

There is an overall 1968 anti-establishment vibe, but it has a larger appeal than just that. That part of us that gets into a mood and is contrarian about the social order and politics, everything is screwed up. They take verbal and literal shots at an establishment liberal ( a Tony Blair of 1968), the sadistic and authoritarian upper level boys ( who hand out the brutal corporate punishment), the worshipers of tradition for tradition’s sake – the conservative headmaster and other professors. If…. is available on DVD.