photography changes what we remember, man who saw Lincoln assassinated on tv in 1956

click! photography changes what we remember

Hugh Talman, Staff Photographer at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History talks about how photographs can shape he way we remember.

Are we not cattle to be herded. Yep and sometimes, just sometimes it is to our benefit – The Story of Grand Central Station and the Taming of the Crowd

Where, when, how and maybe the consequences. We know these things or try to know by way of evidence, some kind of logic based on our experience and what is reasonable through the natural laws of science. When people look at something, other people, an event, an object and begin to tell stories about it, that can obviously be entertaining or have some didactic value. When stories are told, based on the fantastic perceptions of the teller it should never pass for journalism. At it’s worse it is a dangerous reshaping of reality. Jen Rubin: The Beltway’s Waldorf and Statler. The Washington Post writer’s attack on Hillary Clinton over Benghazi manages to get everything wrong about feminism in less than 100 characters. And  Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes.

The Wallflowers – “Reboot the Mission”


Science Images that Border on Art

And that’s right another video, Hat Tip to here, A Guy Who *Saw* Lincoln Get Shot Was on a TV Show in 1956 That Is Now on YouTube