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Tomb of Maya queen K’abel discovered in Guatemala

A small, carved alabaster jar found in the burial chamber caused the archaeologists to conclude the tomb was that of Lady K’abel.

The white jar is carved as a conch shell, with a head and arm of an aged woman emerging from the opening. The depiction of the woman, mature with a lined face and a strand of hair in front of her ear, and four glyphs carved into the jar, point to the jar as belonging to K’abel.

Based on this and other evidence, including ceramic vessels found in the tomb and stela (large stone slab) carvings on the outside, the tomb is likely that of K’abel, says Freidel, PhD, professor of anthropology in Arts & Sciences and Maya scholar.

Freidel says the discovery is significant not only because the tomb is that of a notable historical figure in Maya history, but also because the newly uncovered tomb is a rare situation in which Maya archaeological and historical records meet.

“The Classic Maya civilization is the only ‘classical’ archaeological field in the New World — in the sense that like archaeology in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia or China, there is both an archaeological material record and an historical record based on texts and images,” Freidel says.

The carved alabaster vessel (shown from two sides) found in the burial chamber caused the archaeologists to conclude the tomb was that of Lady K’abel.
Archaeologists in Guatemala have discovered the tomb of Lady K’abel, a seventh-century Maya Holy Snake Lord considered one of the great queens of Classic Maya civilization.

The site were the relic was found was the capital of a Maya city-state most active about 500 BC to 800 AD in northern Guatemala.

Malaria poster in small hotel, Puerto Rico … San Juan, 1941 by Jack Delano.

How Did Romney Supposedly Win The Debate? By Being Himself, One of the Most Morally Corrupt Liars in Politics. And here, Debate fact check. In debating societies it is against the rules to knowingly lie. The reason for that is so that both sides can discuss reality. Thus differentiating debates from “story time”. If debates were about story time then some of our greatest children’s’ book writers and novelists would be our political leaders. Facts Matter and Mitt Romney Didn’t Deliver

it takes just a few lies for a conservative to win a debate

Like Humans, Monkeys Can Make Irrational Decisions When Making Choices

When making decisions about the value of an assortment of different objects, people approximate an average overall value, which though frequently useful can lead to apparently irrational decision-making.

Gathering fruit, ca. 1895 by  Mary Cassatt (1844-1926). The mural no longer exists but this painting was part of Cassat’s mural for the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbia Exposition on the theme of “Modern Woman.” It symbolized the passing on and sharing of the “fruits of knowledge.”

Herman Daly applies a biophysical lens to the economy and finds that bigger isn’t necessarily better

As an undergraduate, taking a course in the history of economic thought and reading Malthus. Then in graduate school I studied under Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, a pioneer in relating the entropy law to economic theory. Elementary economic theory describes something called a circular flow diagram: Firms supply goods and services to households, which in turn supply labor and capital factors of production back to the firms. This flow goes around and around, and money flows in the opposite direction to pay for it. The way it’s usually depicted is as a closed circulatory system. What’s ignored is the economy’s digestive system: the input of low-entropy raw materials from the environment and the expulsion of high-entropy waste products back into the environment. A fundamental assumption of those who treat the economy like a totally circular exchange is that the environment is infinite relative to us, that natural resources and space to absorb our waste are not scarce. The assumption is no longer valid.

No politician is going be elected for office on a platform of sustainability. That would be running on a real world fear that continuing just as we are – in the consumption of and waste of resources. You can only run on fear when the fear is based on the ‘other’ coming to kill you and your family.

Switchman throwing a switch at C & NW RR’s Proviso yard, Chicago, 1943 by Jack Delano.

Thoughts on a Word: Fine

Fine is dignity, elegance, class. Fine is edges that manage to be clean yet soft. Fine is a low, respectful whistle emitted under one’s breath.

[  ]….Its appearance in Ebony is hardly incidental. If fine tends to be a compliment when uttered by someone who considers himself to be of equal class to the fine lady, it can also be inverted by someone wishing to create class differences within members of the same group. Historically speaking, plenty of black men have been eager to diminish black women—motherhood may be held in reverence, but one glance at the catalogue of misogynist rap and hip-hop lyrics shows that black women aren’t necessarily held in high esteem by their male counterparts. It was actually a rap song that first alerted me to the subverted use of fine—“She’s So Fine She Can….

How easily language can be corrupted.

Sharecroppers chopping cotton on rented land, Georgia, 1941 by Jack Delano.

‘The American Dream Has Become a Myth’

Stiglitz: This belief is still powerful, but the American dream has become a myth. The life chances of a young US citizen are more dependent on the income and education of his parents than in any other advanced industrial country for which there is data. The belief in the American dream is reinforced by anecdotes, by dramatic examples of individuals who have made it from the bottom to the top — but what matters most are an individual’s life chances. The belief in the American dream is not supported by the data.

SPIEGEL: What do the numbers suggest?

Stiglitz: There has been no improvement in well-being for the typical American family for 20 years. On the other side, the top one percent of the population gets 40 percent more in one week than the bottom fifth receive in a full year. In short, we have become a divided society. America has created a marvelous economic machine, but most of the benefits have gone to the top.