warp drive may be possible but dusty, goodness and perception, the strong mouse

Futuristic air travel as envisioned around 1905 by artist Harry Grant Dart.  In contrast to this recent news, NASA: ‘warp drive is plausible’ – experiments under way

The latest trekkie spin-off is the warp-drive. The concept is simple, in words – nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in space; however, if you’re not in space, you might be able to get around this law –  a quantum loophole. Now, bear with me. The whole concept of warp drive revolves around warping space around an object. This warp field, which in theory can be created with a ring of exotic matter wrapped around a football shaped spaceship,  will create a region of contracted space in front of it and expanded space behind.

“Everything within space is restricted by the speed of light,” explained Richard Obousy, president of Icarus Interstellar, a non-profit group of scientists and engineers devoted to pursuing interstellar spaceflight. “But the really cool thing is space-time, the fabric of space, is not limited by the speed of light.”

While theoretically possible – make that way out on the edge of possible – such a hyper-drive would require a tremendous amount of energy. If memory serves Star Trek’s Enterprise used some yet to be discovered energy crystals. There is also the issue of space dust. While traveling in said envelope of warped space the craft would pick up some interstellar particles along the way. On slowing down to normal speed those particles would be released in a giant burst of energy and there is no guarantee they would just benignly disburse into space. Though NASA knows far more about the subject and the hurdles to overcome than I do and they are taking the possibility of warp-drive very seriously. They have proceeded to set up a table top warp drive to see if they can send some atoms faster than the speed of light,

“Although this is just a tiny instance of the phenomena, it will be existence proof for the idea of perturbing space time-a “Chicago pile” moment, as it were. Recall that December of 1942 saw the first demonstration of a controlled nuclear reaction that generated a whopping half watt. This existence proof was followed by the activation of a ~ four megawatt reactor in November of 1943. Existence proof for the practical application of a scientific idea can be a tipping point for technology development.”

The universal church of the future – from the present religious outlook, 1883 January 10. Illustration by Joseph Ferdinand  Keppler for Puck Magazine. It was meant as an imagination of the future of beliefs that integrated the revolution of new scientific discoveries. There is a shelf of “Books of Scientific Reference” and a shelf of “Books of Religious Reference”. Some of the portraits hanging about the hall are of the revolutionary thinkers of the ages; Nicolaus Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Benedictus de Spinoza, and Thomas Paine.

While most of us like to think we’re fairly sophisticated about evaluating other people – their general personality traits – are they generous, are they generally truthful, trust worthy, make good potential mates or friends, are they nice – we’re generally easy to deceive. For instance. Of the times that you have been treated badly, cheated, humiliated, stolen from, lied to – how often has that been family or friends, and how often has it been strangers or people who were only slightly acquainted with. When the subject of judgment is distant – a public figure – we’re generally easy to impress up to a point. They look clean, they smile, you do not see them rob banks or kick puppies. Even if they’re not the type of person you’re drawn to as a close friend – well, they’re nice enough. When there used to be a colorful assortment of conmen and women traveling about the country – they literally sold snake-oil that would cure any ailment, perhaps they could make it rain for a drought stricken farmer, or they sold nice personalized Bibles as a remembrance of loved ones. One thing they all had in common, they appeared nice, even charming to some people. Liking them is the first step in their ability to get people to act against their own best interests. That this perception of the other and self is tricky, is part and parcel of life, and makes it difficult for genuinely good people to help others. These genuinely good people do not have much in the way of ulterior motives. To make things more complicated there are snake-oil salesmen who honestly believe the noxious stuff they sale is good. They’re not like Lex Luthor, who dreams up evil plans because they enjoy being evil. In the real world the not very good people, frequently think they are, and have developed a perception of good and of self that has become twisted. The Real Romney Captured on Tape Turns Out to Be a Sneering Plutocrat

Instead the video exposes an authentic Romney as a far more sinister character than I had imagined. Here is the sneering plutocrat, fully in thrall to a series of pernicious myths that are at the heart of the mania that has seized his party. He believes that market incomes in the United States are a perfect reflection of merit. Far from seeing his own privileged upbringing as the private-school educated son of an auto executive-turned-governor as an obvious refutation of that belief, Romney cites his own life, preposterously, as a confirmation of it. (“I have inherited nothing. Everything I earned I earned the old fashioned way.”)

It is possible to cling to some version of this dogma and still believe, or to convince yourself, that cutting taxes for the rich or reducing benefits for the poor will eventually help the latter, by teaching them personal responsibility or freeing up Job Creators to favor them with opportunity. Instead Romney regards them as something akin to a permanent enemy class — “I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

part of the dogma that drives conservative doctrine is that there are these 47% of American – about half – that pay no taxes. That is not true. Its one thing to let your Fox News watching neighbor who has to read his shoe tying instructions every morning, get away with believing that nonsense. Romney knows his way around spread sheets and tax tables. he knows that households that make below the national median of about $52k per year pay a greater share of their income in taxes than billionaire conservatives like Sheldon Adelson or the Koch brothers. Even among federal tax payers there were about 7,000 millionaires that paid no taxes last year, thus are part of Romney’s 47%. Romney would never, is likely psychological incapable of admitting he has had an exceptionally easy life, his massive income was not earned, but the result of taking advantage of our financial system – to use the capital created by labor to speculate in order to make even more money. In the scheme of the economic bits and gears that must fit together to create such a wealthy nation – nurses, brick layers, telephone service reps, programmers, chemical engineers and mathematicians are the producers and Romney, and rich pals like hedge fund manager Marc J. Leder, are the leaches, who no matter what evidence they’re shown, will never admit they are not just lazy moochers, but are thieves, vampires, that live off of the valuable products and services produced by others. If Romney, Bain and Leder were kidnapped by aliens tomorrow the rest of us would continue to take responsibility for our lives, produce the capital that makes us a wealthy nation, while Romney and Leder try to convince the aliens that they have some value.

Schlesinger & Mayer Department Store, 1 South State Street, Chicago, IL. This store and its design commission of 1899-1904 was the last of the large, commercial buildings designed by architect Louis Sullivan. Those with a sharp one may note the automobiles are too new to be 1904. The photograph was taken in the 1960s. n 1958, the building was designated a Chicago Architectural Landmark. Sullivan was a big influence on architect-inventor-designer Frank Lloyd Wright.

Mouse vs Mouse Trap. Let me preemptively say this is not a cruel video. Give it a chance to play all the way through. In an offbeat kind of way it is even inspiring.