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James Wolcott finally joins Twitter. Which he thinks might mean Twitter’s glory days as a social media platform are probably over. All that Twitters…

The lulling ease and informality of the platform (the ability to fire messages on the run, from the back of a cab, at a bar, in a locker room, over a restaurant table, from any cell phone, tablet, or laptop), the world-whipping speed of its viral impact (an offending thought-blip being amplified into a sonic boom by hordes of strangers hitting the “retweet” tab to all of their followers), the unfortunate phenomenon of “drunken tweeting”—it’s so easy to make a fool of yourself on Twitter.

The examples he gives as the tawdry alley of Twitterdom are certainly enough to damn the medium – Rupert Murdoch, Kim Kardashian, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump among others. He does give some examples of people who seem to understand the medium in terms of how much wit or wisdom one can fit into 140 characters – Sarah Silverman and Louis C.K. ( I follow Sarah and her stuff is funny, but off kilter,  like someone holding up the mirror at an angle to what is going on in the world. She gets it. And since she is an actress and comedian – one whom her followers are familiar with, you know what you’re signing up for. So in her case, and say Steve Martin or Stephen Fry  instead of being shocking they’re short burst of comfort, digital chicken soup. While, let’s call them them the twitter junkies – who’s language and thinking are short burst of zero wit, no insights, no links to anything worth reading; well, it is like going to this great scenic place, that also has museums, hiking trails and great little restaurants. Some people are going to stay in a little room that stinks of stale beer and cigar smoke and gamble for two days. Twitter is like that, you can stay in the stale room or take the time to pick out some interesting news, some links to history, science, literature, humor or whatever. If I was to write about blogging I could make a good case against blogs by citing a few that are worth no more than Rupert Murdoch’s tweets. Mediums – sense someone scribbled something on a cave wall or wrote on papyrus – have always only been as good as those who took the time to discriminate between what was good and what was a waste of time.

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7 Worst Media Brown-Nosers Who Enable Paul Ryan’s Lies. They are both enablers and echos. The far Right has pushed us to that dangerous place where we’re not only entitled to out own truths, but our own facts as well. Conservative reality is a reality where everything is relative. The media has a job to do, churn out content like factory sausage. Sense journalism as a culture has a tendency to teach that contrarianism can make you one of the kool kids, they join in the relativity game because everyone wants to be one of the kool kids, right. Later that evening, over a seven dollar martini they can tell themselves how clever they are. Truth and facts are so yesterday, so old school myth, so goody-two-shoes. Liberals that think they’re just too sophisticated for The Newsroom are a huge help as well. Its not perfect so they take a sledge hammer and beat the crap out of the only show on television that champions truth telling.

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This is old (gasp 2011), but in case anyone missed it, The Catch in “Catch-22

With his morning-in-America language and his denunciations of the Evil Empire, Ronald Reagan tried to lay the Vietnam syndrome to rest. There was no Jimmy Carter-style “malaise” in his upbeat vocabulary. But his insistence that greed was good, that self-seeking was the American way, only fueled the national cynicism. As an ethical outlook it was Yossarian personified, Yossarian squared, yet it also unleashed the corporate culture that Heller and his contemporaries had loathed. It was certainly not the communal ethic of service and sacrifice affirmed by Kennedy, or by FDR before him. For all his idealization of American life, Reagan left the impression that ideals were for chumps compared to the solemn obligation of getting ahead.

The far Right likes to condemn Catch 22 and the character Yossarian as a coward. They fall into the trap of thinking the novel all about actual wars when that is just the part of the narrative where, for the sake of investing in the predicament of Yossarian, it has one leg stuck in a reality that everyone can relate to. Yossarian flew every mission that he was supposed to and was than, according to the rules, supposed to get a long furlough back to the states – the fatality rate for bomber pilots on the European front was like 44%. It was like volunteering to play Russian-roulette. But command kept upping the number of missions to qualify.

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Bill O’Reilly: “I Don’t See Any Women’s Rights Under Assault At All”. Bill is probably correct. It is very difficult to see much of anything spending his life with his head up his ass.


Stephen Fry on the Joys of Swearing