the surreal, the real and people who live in bubbles

I’ve seen a few bad car wrecks as they happened. There was a surreal quality about all of them and especially one where the drunk driver and his friends smashed into a telephone pole ( I did stop to help if anyone was curious). As they happened the surreal quality was how horribly real it all seemed. I felt some of the same surreality, a kind of deja vu as Clint Eastwood debated a chair. While I never confuse an actor that has made a career out of anti-hero tough guy acting roles with reality, it was still strange to watch this man decide to have a debate with an object. A debate that he imagined he could not lose. Yet, even in a debate with a chair, he lost. While I hope I’m that sharp when I’m eighty-two, I hope I do not live in a bubble of disinformation, a rambling version of every jaded, weird, false version of reality spun by Fox News. I hope I do not join forces with people who think pregnancy by “real” rape never happens or that women’s breast milk “cures” homosexuality. I hope I do not think that causing the worse recession since the Great Depression is a wonderful opportunity and excuse to gut the social safety net for eight-two year olds who are not millionaires. I hope that I do not consider regulations that keep toxins out of my drinking water are an infringement on individual rights – and have the gall to quote John Locke while ranting. I hope I do not turn into or join forces with or offer moral foundation for wild eyed ethnocentric freaks. Or start thinking that social-Darwinism is a moral foundation for running an economy. And if I start picking chairs to debate, I hope I have enough sense to pick one I can win the debate with.

Clint Eastwood: Lawyers as President? Not a ‘Good Idea’. 25 U.S. presidents have been lawyers. Romney also has a law degree. Politicians with business degrees automatically make better presidents? George W. Bush had an MBA and ran three businesses into the ground before he went big time and helped crash the entire economy. Paul Ryan voted for every budget busting scheme Bush asked for.

old violin wallpaper


World’s richest woman (she inherited $30.1 billion)  says poor should have less fun, work harder. Not everyone with money, but so many people with money live in an echo chamber of their ego and eventually start to believe the twaddle that bounces around inside their head. There is no one around to challenge them on a moral or intellectual level. Thus they reach the epoch of public pronouncements that would otherwise be the sad rants from the little window in a locked room where only the attendants could hear. She also does not understand the difference between jealousy and envy. The latter is the Louis XVI deflection of the isolated elite. Used as an excuse not to reflect on one’s personal failings.

War Canoe, Vella Lavella

This photograph shows warriors alongside their war canoes on the beach at Vella Lavella, one of the Solomon Islands. The photograph was taken by Edward A. Salisbury (1875-1962), an American explorer, writer, and early producer of travel films who in the 1920s published many accounts of his expeditions to the South Pacific in Asia: The American Magazine of the Orient. Salisbury’s article, “A Napoleon of the Solomons,” which appeared in the September 1922 issue of Asia, was a portrait of Gau, the warrior king of Vella Lavella. Salisbury described the war canoes as “magnificent pieces of workmanship, 35 to 50 feet long, holding from 40 to 100 men, and though without outriggers, seaworthy…. The sides of the canoes were beautifully inlaid with pearl shells in fantastic designs. At both stem and stern were twelve-foot beaks decorated with conch-shells.”

If I ever start keeping a list of the coolest things in the world, War Canoes are going on the list.

A thought provoking essay by Roxane Gay – The Illusion of Safety/The Safety of Illusion

Trigger warnings are, essentially, ratings or protective guidelines for the largely unmoderated Internet. Trigger warnings provide order to the chaos; they are a signal that the content following the warning may be upsetting, may trigger bad memories or reminders of traumatic or sensitive experiences. Trigger warnings allow readers to have a choice—steel yourself and continue reading or protect yourself and look away.

Many feminist communities use trigger warnings, particularly when discussing rape, sexual abuse, and violence. By using these warnings, these communities are saying, “This is a safe space. We will protect you from unexpected reminders of your history.” Members of these communities are given the illusion they can be protected.

There are a great many potential trigger warnings. Over the years, I have seen trigger warnings for eating disorders, poverty, self-injury, bullying, heteronormativity, suicide, sizeism, genocide, slavery, mental illness, explicit fiction, explicit discussions of sexuality, homosexuality, homophobia, addiction, alcoholism, racism, the Holocaust, ableism, and Dan Savage.

Life, apparently, requires a trigger warning.

Makeup porn – Foxy Ladies, Why one network applies so much makeup

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul does a 1999 Corn Pops Commercial.