the old nationalism is new again, the first mobile phone, the corporate nanny state,

There is that saying that the more things change the more they stay the same,

“At many stages in the advance of humanity, this conflict between the men who possess more than they have earned and the men who have earned more than they possess is the central condition of progress. In our day it appears as the struggle of freemen to gain and hold the right of self-government as against the special interests, who twist the methods of free government into machinery for defeating the popular will. At every stage, and under all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to equalize opportunity, destroy privilege, and give to the life and citizenship of every individual the highest possible value both to himself and to the commonwealth.” – Theodore Roosevelt, New Nationalism Speech, 1910.

Via here is this video of the first known mobile phone,

World’s First Mobile Phone (1922). Found by a researcher in the Pathe vaults, this clip from 1922 shows that 90 years ago, mobile phone technology and music on the move was not only being thought of but being trialled. Reported in the Daily Telegraph, May 2010. We wrote the following blog post with links to this video’s coverage in the media and information about it from a former Royal Signals Officer Simon Atkins

Romney, Ryan and other conservatives running for office this cycle have had an epiphany. Having caused the most massive job losses since The Great Depression just a few years ago, they suddenly have the secret to creating jobs. Of course nothing is stopping them from creating jobs now. Taxes are their lowest since 1959. Democrats have slowed regulations to their lowest rate in decades. Though conservatives could create jobs now, for some reason they have decided to increase unemployment, and continue to subsidize wealthy individuals and corporations: Executive Excess 2012: The CEO Hands in Uncle Sam’s Pocket – How our tax dollars subsidize exorbitant executive pay

Executive Excess 2012Nationwide, budget cuts have axed 627,000 public service jobs just since June 2009. Schools, health clinics, fire stations, parks, and recreation facilities—virtually no public service has gone unsqueezed. Tax dollars haven’t seemed this scarce in generations.

Yet tens of billions of these scarce tax dollars are getting diverted. These tax dollars are flowing from average Americans who depend on public services to the kingpins of America’s private sector. They’re subsidizing, directly and indirectly, the mega-million paychecks that go to the top executives at our nation’s biggest banks and corporations.

[  ]…Among our findings:

Of last year’s 100 highest-paid U.S. corporate chief executives, 26 took home more in CEO pay than their companies paid in federal income taxes, up from the 25 we noted in last year’s analysis. Seven firms made the list in both 2011 and 2010.
The CEOs of these 26 firms received $20.4 million in average total compensation last year. That’s a 23 percent increase over the average for last year’s list of 2010’s tax dodging executives
The four most direct tax subsidies for excessive executive pay cost taxpayers an estimated $14.4 billion per year—$46 for every American man, woman, and child. That amount could also cover the annual cost of hiring 211,732 elementary-school teachers or creating 241,593 clean-energy jobs.
CEOs have benefited enormously from the Bush tax cuts for upper-income taxpayers. Last year, 57 CEOs saved more than $1 million on their personal income tax bills, thanks to these Bush-era cuts.

Yet Romney and Ryan claim that corporations are not hiring because taxes are too high.

“Astronaut John Glenn pulls himself up into a Mercury Space Capsule to take his three-circuit orbital flight into space.” January 20, 1962

There are a few good writer blogs on WordPress. Probably more than a few, but I only have so much time. Some of them self publish, others labor in obscurity. I was thinking of them when I came across this, The Joys and Hazards of Self-Publishing on the Web

Digital publishing and print on demand have significantly reduced the cost of producing a book. The phenomenal growth of e-readers and tablets has vastly expanded the market for e-books, which can be self-published at little or no cost. Writers who self-publish are more likely to be able to control the rights to their books, set their books’ sale price and keep a larger proportion of the sales.

But one thing has not changed: most self-published books sell fewer than 100 or 150 copies, many authors and self-publishing company executives say. There are breakout successes, to be sure, and some writers can make money simply by selling their e-books at low prices. Some self-published books attract so much attention that a traditional publishing house eventually picks them up. (Perhaps you’ve heard of the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which began its life as a self-published work?)

They go into a little more detail about the kinds of self-publishing companies, costs etc at the link. Smashwords is becoming popular – because its basically free up front. You’ll be splitting commissions on sales though.

vintage empire state building.

The Six Dimensions of Time – by Robert F. Schuyler. This was only a kind of interesting read. While our imaginations can do wonderful things with time, for that thing called human consciousness time is linear. For the atoms that compose the physical you, it is another matter.

Ryan’s (R-WI) obsession with government control of every uterus goes to bizarre extremes. Ryan Sponsored Abortion Bill That Would Make Romney’s Kids Criminals. Why Ryan pretends to care about life is another issue. Once born, unless you are one of the John Galts of America, which is very much like saying that unless you’re the Green Lantern, you’re just one of the grubby masses who either thrives or dies depending on how you fair in a political system that values little else except money. Ryan has recently denied being a Rand follower, but there is all those speeches he gave that include passages from Rand’s writings. He seems more than willing to tell a lie as long as he can get away with it, Presented With Letters He Wrote, Paul Ryan(R-WI) Finally Admits Requesting Stimulus Cash

A Libertarian Little House on the Prairie

In 1936, the Saturday Evening Post published an essay that Lane called her “Credo,” and which announced a new phase of her career: as a right-wing polemicist. “I am now a fundamentalist American,” she declared. Her vision was of a frontier democracy—a Republic of the Fittest—with no handouts or entitlements, and minimal taxation. She may have been the first writer to use the term “libertarian” as the label for a nascent revolt against state authority. (Lane’s heir and adopted son, Roger McBride, was the Libertarian Party’s first candidate for President, in 1976.)

Lane, who died in 1968 (the Wilders were a long-lived family) spent her later years in a Connecticut farmhouse on several acres, protesting Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” (the F.B.I. took note) and raising her own food. A determined individualist, in her view, should be resourceful enough to live off the grid. Her goal was to reduce her income to the point at which she wouldn’t have to file federal taxes. Old friends were dismayed by her increasingly erratic militance. One of them described her as “floating between sanity and a bedlam of hates.”

The lane referred to in this piece is the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane. Rose, Rand and Isabel Paterson have been called “the founding mothers” of Libertarianism.