alexander hamilton was a lazy entitled marxist christian, playful city lights wallpaper, letting thugs decide what’s ethical

I always suspected that first Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was a Marxist thug that wanted to leach off the work of  good upstanding Americans. Americans that believed everyone should be responsible for themselves. And if you could not afford housing you slept in the woods. If you could not afford food you starved or caught wild rabbits with your bare hands like a real man –  Hamilton’s widow, Elizabeth, submitted a petition to Congress asking for a pension. Hamilton had asked for a pension before he died but was denied. he argued that his participation in the Revolutionary War cost him economic opportunity for which he deserved to be reimbursed. In 1816 Congress passed a bill granting Elizabeth a pension. She promptly went out and bought a six pack and some rolling papers, invited some friends over for a party and danced till till the cows came home. Thus began America’s decline into statism and dependence on gov’mint welfare.

That is mostly satire, but you can find long essays with similar reasoning on right-wing libertarian sites like Lew Rockwell that are uber serious.

not wanted movie poster. as rare as women directors are now that was even more so in the 1940s. while elmer chlifton is listed as the official director of “not wanted”, he became ill part way through production and lupino – who was one of the producers – finished directing. not wanted was ground breaking for its day. a young girl, bored with small town life, becomes infatuated with a traveling musician and later has his child out of wedlock. it is an awful movie, overwrought melodrama sincerely acted. so much so that unlike bad movies like Plan 9 from Outerspace, you cannot even enjoy the hokyeness. there is a clip on YouTube. If you turn the sound off the movie does have some positives in terms of cinematography and how the scenes were blocked  – the later were have been part of lupino’s direction.

While we’re in the neighborhood of Hollywood, Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016?: Feature-length Obama hate. Hollywood’s most powerful conservatives are investing their money in Dinesh D’Souza’s new anti-Obama documentary. If you have read or heard the term Kenyan anti-colonialist, you can think  Ann Coulter’s old flame D’Souza’. This is no big deal. Conservative have been using video to smear opponents for years. The late serial liar and evangelist  Jerry Falwell used direct mail and TV to sell video that spread the rumors about the Clintons.


playful city lights wallpaper

More on the Fortune investigation that revealed that the ATF never intentionally allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels

In the six months of investigations that led Fortune to conclude that the ATF had no policy to intentionally permit weapons to be trafficked, we examined 2,000 pages of ATF records, Congressional reports and testimony, and interviewed 39 people involved in or knowledgeable about the case. That body of evidence shows the ATF did not have a policy of encouraging gun dealers to sell to traffickers. Until now, the alleged encouragement of gun-dealers has not been a central focus of the Fast and Furious scandal. As a result, we did not address those points in the article. However, given the interest in this question, we thought it was worth taking readers through the evidence on this point.

It should be noted at the outset that the Congressional committee investigating Fast and Furious has never claimed the ATF had any official, written policy to encourage gun dealers to sell to traffickers. No documents, emails, or testimony mentioned in Congressional reports show signs of an agency-wide policy, or even a policy within Phoenix Group VII, the unit that worked on Fast and Furious.

One of the most unethical Congressional representatives ever – Darrell Issa (R-CA) is head of the committee “investigating” Fast and Furious.

Sarah Grieve: “Ode in a Bikini”. Honest. which precludes the political correctness one might expect from a woman writing a poem about bikinis. I could not help but think of the Fiona Apple video for “Criminal”.


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