greed and biology, a wind has blown the rain away, yes it can get worse

There was never any doubt that the we are our biology and the idea that much of our lives are predetermined could be twisted to justify some awful behavior. In Managing Wall Street’s ‘Winner Effect’, John Coates, once a financial insider himself makes the case that JP Morgan’s recent $3 billion and counting trading debacle was biology – neuroscience in particular. That might even be true. It is perhaps, also of some importance that we differentiate between reasons and excuses. That some individuals are more prone to take risks – with other people’s money-assets-lives – is a reason, it is not a good excuse. If you throw mashed carrots at the wall and Your parents turn your chair around and make you take a five minutes time out eventually you stop throwing mashed carrots. Who knows, some similar reaction to financial misbehavior might have similar long-term benefits. Though we do have a political movement dedicated to defending the right of the man-children to throw temper tantrums with the capital created by actual workers – those opposed are the Marxist Anti-Christ. What if you work – which means do something of value to someone else – and you do not get paid. There are circumstances in which that is not slavery, where your work is rewarded with education and experience – intangibles that do count for something on those pretty sheets of white paper called resumes. Like police powers, drones and hair products, using unpaid labor – commonly known as interns – can be abused. This Article May Be Illegal – Unpaid media intern files dispatch from the bottom of the totem pole, “All we’re asking for is that these employers pay the minimum wage rate and also acknowledge the employment relationship, such that our clients get workers’ compensation, get unemployment, get social security, get church and disability benefits. Who’s arguing on the other side that the Hearst Corporation can’t afford those basic worker protections and wage provisions?” Who and what deserves what and when can depend on perceptions. If someone appears to be cheating – thus cheating someone else out of something – a place in line – or as the Brits call it, the queue. Because we live in a world run by human beings, instead of Blue whales –  sigh – we have something called queuing theory, which says 1) We get bored when we wait in line. 2) We really hate it when we expect a short wait and then get a long one. 3) We really, really hate it when someone shows up after us but gets served before us. Have you ever seen a Blue whale in a queue. Thought so.

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long.
e. e. cummings

“Miss Me Yet?” Bush Economic Makeover Hinges On Collective Amnesia

Bush economic revisionism approached satire this week, as the conservative commentariat began suggesting that voters miss the former president remembered for pursuing economic policies that drove the national economy into a historic recession and financial crisis.

Efforts to whitewash the Bush economy are nothing new on the right, but by suggesting a growing nostalgia for Bush the right tacitly advances the campaign of Mitt Romney, a campaign that even Republicans acknowledge is nothing more than an updated version of what Bush left behind. Moreover, the effort comes as the right tries to obscure the fact that during Romney’s tenure as governor, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of all states in jobs creation.

I do not know why we have the word worse. It denotes that something has reached bottom. That the situation, person, era or whatever has reached rock bottom. Seldom is that actually true. Romney’s economic plan makes Bush’s Great Recession look like a picnic. Conservatives do know that the race to the bottom is a bad thing, right?

I do not know the name of this jane freilicher painting. I called it painting within a painting. I’m a little weary of the meta meme in popular culture and articles about pop culture. This painting happens to be some meta that i like. There is always an exception.