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A drunk multimillionaire and Polo Club founder John Goodman murdered 23 year old engineering graduate Scott Wilson. Goodman did not attempt to help Wilson or even call 911 after the accident. Goodman has been sentenced to home arrest in his mansion where his family may visit and he can walk to his office to conduct business, escorted by off-duty police, which he must pay for. A black Florida woman sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot at her enraged husband who was chasing her. She was negligent in her judgement. There were two children in the general area where she shot the gun. She did not murder anyone. Nor did she, in a drunken state, concern herself with her appearance of guilt and fail to offer help to a victim.

In 2011 the NYPD stopped and frisked 600,000 times. Of those incidents 84% of those stopped were blacks or Latinos. cause most often used for those stop & frisks? “Furtive movements”. Of all the people subjected to these routine police stops, 88% were found to have done nothing criminal. We recently learned that JP Morgan, whose deposits are federally insured, lost $2 billion dollars. That figure on closer examination by The Federal reserve may be closer to $3 billion.  The trader who executed the complex wager, Bruno Iksil, has been severely punished, he is no longer on the trading desk and is expected to be pushed out by Morgan. part of the trade in question involved credit-default swaps. Credit-default swaps were one element of the financial collapse of 2008. The North Carolina Chamber of Commerce is lobbying the state legislature to cut unemployment benefits by $150 dollars per week. Mitt Romney’s proposed budget will result in an increase in the federal deficit of $5 trillion over ten years. The proposal includes more tax cuts for millionaires. CHART: Spending, Taxes, And Deficits Are All Lower Today Than When Obama Took Office.


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May 14th was David Byrne ‘s birthday.