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Fayetteville, N.C. —Two men convicted of robbing a Fayetteville bank in 2010 will spend decades behind bars on federal charges. Rodney Atawan Brown, 30, was sentenced this week to 32 years in prison, and Larry Rodgers Jr. to 17 years. If they wanted to steal money without fear of going to prison they should have become bankers.

May 8, 2012. Connyland Marine Park in northeast Switzerland – Toxicology reports found a heroin substitute in the systems of dolphins Shadow and Chelmers, who died soon after a massive party at the amusement park where they lived. So much for friends in the sky looking out for the sweet and innocent.

Tim Carney, professional weasel apologist for Mitt Romney uses media appearance to bash media because the media asked questions about Mitten’s past that conservatives do not want to answer. Tamron Hall replies that if you do not like the questions and knew what they would be, why did you appear. Did Carney think he would be asked about Romney’s favorite soup. The media, cowed by conservatives, thinks it is fine to ask questions about Obama’s past, including the past made up by conservative web sites, yet it is not good journalism to report on Romney’s actual history. This is not the introduction to a science fiction short story. This is the reality that other people frame for us. M’s Hall dared to question that plastic reality.

90 year old actress Betty White endorsed President Obama. Conservatives suddenly decide one of the most beloved people in the country is senile.

Fenerbahce Riot: Soccer Fans Clash With Police In Istanbul After Turkish Championship Game. Soccer is not so much a sport as much as the prelude to a tribal-like ritual in which pent up male aggression go bunkers. Better the stadium than the living room.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse. Report from Wilmington, Del., Feb. 2, 1912 –  While a large sled containing twenty young men and women was coasting at the rate of more than a mile a minute on a steep hill on West Fourth street here last night the steering gear gave way. The sled crashed into a fire plug with fearful results. Robert McFarland, aged 20, the steersman, was fatally hurt. All those Currier and Ives prints of carefree sleigh rides through the snow are a lie.

1903 – First Silent Movie: The Great Train Robbery. Produced by Thomas Edison but directed and filmed by Edison Company employee Edwin S. Porter, The Great Train Robbery was the first narrative movie, one that told a story. America thus started its spiral of moral decline. Or highlighted the tendencies of Americans to blame their moral failings on inanimate objects, art and technology rather than take a long hard look inward.

@New_Mexico_News – Samuel Tso, 89, one of WWII’s 400 Navajo Code Talkers—who used the Navajo language to baffle Japanese code-breakers—has died in Farmington.

Skater girls photographed by Nikki Toole

Photographed by Nikki Toole

Much of my work explores notions of unconscious expression and the vulnerability of existing within a group or at the margins of a group. For me, the skater typifies both extremes of this existence.

How many times does an economist who has been right more often than most have to repeat himself – Panics Happen

Apropos something I’m working on, there’s a very widespread belief on the right that banking crises only happen because either the Fed or Barney Frank cause them; go back to a gold standard, and there would be no need for financial regulation or anything like that.

This is, of course, nonsense; Walter Bagehot knew all about financial crises, which have been a constant feature of modern economies since at least the early 19th century. Just to drive the point home, I thought it might be worth posting Gary Gorton’s chart (pdf) of “panics” before the Fed went into operation:

Rather than fusion or hydrogen how about a power generated by ground conservative or libertarian unicorn horn. It seems to be available in abundant never ending supply.

Legendary Bassist Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn Passes Away At Age 70

Born in Memphis in November 24, 1941, Dunn started playing bass at the age of 16. “I tried the guitar but it had two strings too many,” he wrote on his website. “It was just too complicated, man! Plus, I grew up with Steve Cropper. There were so many good guitar players another one wasn’t needed. What was needed was a bass.”

Cropper and Dunn soon formed a band, The Royal Spades, which grew into the Mar-Keys. The mother of the band’s saxophone player, Charles “Packy” Axton, was Estelle Axton, who owned the fledgling Satellite Record label. Shortly after their song ‘Last Night’ became a national hit, the label changed its name to Stax.

The electric piano technology of the time would make a good semi-torture device, but the song still sounds pretty good. If you click over there is a related HQ version of Booker T & the MG’s – green onions. I used this video so you can see Dunn playing.

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