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Atheists More Motivated by Compassion than the Faithful

Atheists and agnostics are more driven by compassion to help others than are highly religious people, a new study finds.

That doesn’t mean highly religious people don’t give, according to the research to be published in the July 2012 issue of the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. But compassion seems to drive religious people’s charitable feelings less than it other groups.

The very religious are highly motivated in their giving by social pressure. I’m kind of suspicious of studies like this. It might be true as big pictures of mass behavior goes, but there is a tremendous amount of personal differences, thus personal considerations that go into altruistic behavior.

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I refuse to be cheated out of my deathbed scene

In 1912, after she called him “the Old Maid of novelists” in a scathing review of his new book, Marriage, journalist and author Rebecca West met and fell in love with H. G. Wells. The often-explosive affair that resulted lasted for some months, until, in March of 1913, Wells — 26 years her senior and already a married man — broke of their relationship. West was distraught, and responded with the following intense letter.

Dear H. G.,

During the next few days I shall either put a bullet through my head or commit something more shattering to myself than death. At any rate I shall be quite a different person. I refuse to be cheated out of my deathbed scene.

I don’t understand why you wanted me three months ago and don’t want me now. I wish I knew why that were so. It’s something I can’t understand, something I despise. And the worst of it is that if I despise you I rage because you stand between me and peace. Of course you’re quite right. I haven’t anything to give you. You have only a passion for excitement and for comfort. You don’t want any more excitement and I do not give people comfort. I never nurse them except when they’re very ill. I carry this to excess. On reflection I can imagine that the occasion on which my mother found me most helpful to live with was when I helped her out of a burning house.

I always knew that you would hurt me to death some day, but I hoped to choose the time and place. You’ve always been unconsciously hostile to me and I have tried to conciliate you by hacking away at my love for you, cutting it down to the little thing that was the most you wanted. I am always at a loss when I meet hostility, because I can love and I can do practically nothing else.

The rest of the letter is at the link.

The Plough and the Harrow (after Millet) Saint-Rémy: January, 1890 by Vincent Van Gogh

Some Teens May have Innate Neurological ‘Risk’ for Drug Abuse. Thus most at risk seem to have neural networks wired a little differently from people/teens who are more likely to become addicts or even try an addictive drug in the first place. The researchers hope that the findings might lead to a medical screening for this risk tendency.

Tea Partiers Who Opposed Bank Bailout Take Campaign Donations From Bailed-Out Banks. Thus the potential for a new bath soak called Hypocrisy Bubbles.

Romney Wrote NYT Op-Ed Entitled “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Now Claims Auto Industry Reorganization by Government Was His Idea.

Back in ye old days exploitation of one’s deeds, deserved or not was considered the patriotic thing to do, When Did Conservatives Exploit Terrorist Deaths For Partisan Political Gain

1.Mozart’s Requiem – I. Introitus-Requiem aeternam