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Professor Arthur Korn of Germany standing besides his new machine for transmitting pictures(copyrighted image)

Arthur Korn (May 20, 1870, Breslau, Germany – December 21/December 22, 1945, Jersey City, New Jersey) fled Germany in 1939 with the rise of the Nazis. He became a professor in physics and mathematics at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. While Alexander Bain, Frederick Brakewell and Giovanni Caselli( as early as 1856) had worked on  facsimile transmitter they were precursors of the kind of fax machine which Korn more or less mastered. The aprt that made the difference was the stylus – used by Caselli. Korn used a created a breakthrough in creating the actual facsimile, the  use of light sensitive selenium cells. Korn’s invention also caught the public’s technology readiness at just the right time. Soon the police, the military and newspapers were using his  Bildetelegraph. For the first time in history visual records of breaking events could be sent from one side of the globe to the other. This is one of the first newspaper reports of Korn’s invention from the New York Times archive, Feb. 2, 1924, Professor Korn has Triumphantly Succeeded in Transmitting Portraits over Long Distances by Wire — Experiments in France and Germany Conclusive — Description of the Marvellous Instrument

NOT long ago a popular writer on electricity made this startling prediction of coming wonders: “Lovers conversing at a great distance will behold each other as in the flesh. Doctors will examine patients’ tongues in another city, and the poor will enjoy visual trips wherever their fancy inclines. In hot weather, too, Alpine glaciers and arctic snows will be made visible in sweltering cities, and when piercing northeast winds do blow, we shall gloat over tropical vistas of orchids and palms.”

This is no dream. The new “telephotograph” invention of Dr. Arthur Korn, Professor of Physics in Munich University, is a distinct step nearer the realization of all this, and he assures us that “television,” or seeing by telegraph, is merely a question of a year or two with certain improvements in apparatus.

Alfa Romeo Tipo B Aerodynamica   1934

We take the concept of aerodynamics for granted now. In 1934 this car was a breakthrough design. It had a straight 8 enegine that produced 255 bhp / 190 KW @ 5400 rpm 2 Memini Carburettors, aspirated by Twin Roots-Type Superchargers. A four speed manual of course, with drum brakes all around. With a top speed of 171 mph (275 km/h ). The Tipo even has its own Wikipedia entry,

 The Alfa Romeo P3, P3 monoposto or Tipo B was a classic Grand Prix car designed by Vittorio Jano, one of the Alfa Romeo 8C models. The P3 was first genuine single-seat Grand Prix racing car[1] and Alfa Romeo’s second monoposto after Tipo A monoposto (1931).[2] It was based on the earlier successful Alfa Romeo P2. Taking lessons learned from that car, Jano went back to the drawing board to design a car that could last longer race distances. The P3 was the first genuine single seater racing car, and was powered by a supercharged eight-cylinder engine.

bokeh effects warm lights wallpaper


While TV and the movies tend to make us believe otherwise there are very few situations that come up where having a gun on your person and the circumstances are just right, that one will be justified in using it. The circumstances become a little clearer when it comes to being in your home and protecting yourself and children from a home invasion. That is why I can understand wanting to have a gun for those circumstances. especially if the occupant is partially disabled or elderly. You’re so much bait for society’s predators. That is one reason to have reasonable gun rights, with reasonable safeguards such as background checks. I see no compelling reason to let rapists have easy access to firearms like a semi-automatic 9 mm. Which is a hand held urban assault weapon. There is a whole other dark world view of gun rights that is far more concerned with paranoia enraged urban myths than anything resembling reason – NRA Member Calls Wayne LaPierre ‘Over The Edge,’ Says Others ‘Think He’s A Wingnut’

National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre has been trying to convince NRA members and the public at large of a grand conspiracy theory that President Obama wants to eliminate the Second Amendment and take away everyone’s guns. “All that first term, lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term,” he said in February. LaPierre picked up on this fearmongering in a speech at the NRA meetings in St. Louis yesterday, saying that “all across the country people are worried” that Obama is going to eliminate gun rights.

ThinkProgress spoke with one NRA member today in St. Louis who said LaPierre is “over the edge,” calling his theory about Obama’s secret plan to eliminate the Second Amendment “extreme language”:

In the first two years of the Obama presidency gun sales skyrocketed because, supposedly than he was going to take everyone’s gun. Not the first piece of legislation that has anything to do with gun ownership has crossed his desk, much less signed into law. Yet watch out, for the second four years. One suspects that Wayne’s paychecks are directly connected to the amount of wacko paranoia he can whip up.

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