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Why William Gibson Distrusts Aging Futurists’ Nostalgia

Futurists get to a certain age and, as one does, they suddenly recognize their own mortality, and they often decide that what’s going on is that everything is just totally screwed and shabby now, whereas when they were younger everything was better.

It’s an ancient, somewhat universal human attitude, and often they give it full voice. But it’s been being given voice for thousands and thousands of years. You can go back and see the ancient Greeks doing it. You know, “All that is good is gone. These young people are incapable of making art, or blue jeans, or whatever.” It’s just an ancient thing, and it’s so ancient that I’m inclined to think it’s never actually true. And I’ve always been deeply, deeply distrustful of anybody’s “golden age” — that one in which we no longer live.

I do not follow the public utterings of senior futurists to know if that is true or not among the majority of them. Gibson sites H.G. Wells as his only example. I will assume there is some truth in it since the attitude, that seen from the time perspective of seniors and often the middle-aged, the recent past seemed so great and the world is going to hell in hand basket is fairly common. I first noticed it in music. People get stuck in the music of their teens through early twenties and tend not to venture very far from those singers and bands. When they do it is usually something similar in style. Not like such generalities, not true of everyone. In a recent review of Midnight in Paris, a movie much concerned with nostalgia the reviewer claimed that it was a simple salute to better times. One character, transported back to the Paris of the Belle Epoch decides to stay. As much as there is an appreciation for days gone by, especially the Paris of Gertrude Stein and the golden age of art and literature – the beginning of Picasso, Hemingway, the young Cole Porter – towards the end the protagonists decides that every past age, looks from the soft patina of age as THE great age. Though if you looked around there is much in the way of new literature, science, art, philosophy and culture in general that makes whatever age you live in a golden age. We tend not to see that as clearly, or as sentimentally because the daily disease, war, hunger, crime and threats to freedom seem just as immediate and dark, as the achievements seem bright and promising. I tend to have a soft spot for those stuck in the past and who manage to be both keen observers and witty in their cranky complaints. One of the reasons I cannot judge Ray Bradbury’s seeming disdain for everything modern – other than the possibility of starting the colonization of Mars – too harshly. We used to have, and for the most part we still seem to have a great tradition in western culture of toleration for what some would describe as cranky old eccentrics. As long as they’re not advocating fascism or some other equally troubling cause, they do little harm.

What Gibson said in the interview just set off a few thoughts. This is not meant as some odd tirade against him. He is a wonderful writer and thinker. He is on Twitter if any one cares to keep track of what he is up to.

Coca Cola – 125th Year Exhibition. This is a kind of commercial an anniversary salute to a brand. It is also has some stunning special effects. Graphic artists have to eat too. Getting involved with commercials or TV and movie title sequences is one way to pay the rent and get paid for doing what you love.

Creative Directors : Refik Anadol / Maurizio Braggiotti / Efe Mert Kaya /
Art Direction/Visual Artist : Can Büyükberber
Production Director : Serkan Arslan
Sound Design: Kerim Karaoglu

Why Should the Government Enforce Catholic Church Beliefs?

Catholic dogma holds that artificial contraception is against the law of God. The bishops have the right—a right guaranteed under the First Amendment—to preach that doctrine to the faithful. They have a right to preach it to everybody. Take out ads. Pass out leaflets. Put up billboards in the front yard.

The problem here is that they’re trying to get the government to do their work for them. They’ve lost the war at home, and they’re now demanding help from the outside….

The churches themselves don’t have to provide contraceptive coverage. Neither do organizations that are closely tied to a religion’s doctrinal mission. We are talking about places like hospitals and universities that rely heavily on government money and hire people from outside the faith.

The argument is over. It has been over for decades. The Secret Society of Liberals Who Are Dead Set on Ending Tooth Tartar and Western Free Market Economies did not end the debate, Catholics themselves did – Survey | Majority of Catholics Think Employers Should Be Required to Provide Health Care Plans that Cover Birth Control at No Cost. There seems to be conservatives who do not get satire. For them, please be assured there is no such secret society. OK, maybe there is one for tooth tartar, but if I reveal their secrets to anyone then I’d have to kill them.

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translucent color cubes wallpaper

I heard about Ellen Degeneres reply to critics of her and JC Penney in this great video. It really is worth watching. Ellen makes her point without being preachy. While I was over there I spotted this related video that is hysterical. At the same time it is also very touching that a grown adult should be so in touch with the childlike ( not childish, there is a difference) feelings that adults are expected to conceal from the world, Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown – I wish they would have called it Kristen Bell Overcome With Joy.