american pioneer of mycophagy, in 2006 the term “App” as we know it did not exist, why are conservative economic hacks misleading america

Charles McIlvaine, Pioneer of American Mycophagy, i.e. mushroom expert.

That edible epiphany in the Appalachian wilderness initially supplanted an unvaried fare of potatoes and bacon, and it soon became an all-absorbing quest: McIlvaine would taste every mushroom he found. By 1900, he had tasted at least 600 species and established himself as an eager experimenter. (By comparison, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Annual Report of 1885 recommended 12 edible species.) In a letter to New York mycologist Charles Peck, McIlvaine wrote, “I take no man’s word for the qualities of a toadstool. I go for it myself.”

In 1900, McIlvaine published a richly illustrated, 700-page tome, One Thousand American Fungi: Toadstools, Mushrooms, Fungi: How to Select and Cook the Edible: How to Distinguish and Avoid the Poisonous. “It ought to be in the hands of all who collect fungi for the table,” one naturalist said. McIlvaine offers 15 pages of recipes for cooking, frying, baking, boiling, stewing, creaming and fermenting mushrooms, including advice from Emma P. Ewing (early celebrity chef and narrative-cookbook author). He exhibits a remarkable ability to stomach mushrooms considered poisonous (he’s sometimes known as “Old Iron Guts”), but what’s remarkable is that his extensive, idiosyncratic commentary mentions not only the natural morphological variations, but also the range of culinary possibilities.

Charles McIlvaine (1840–1909), Photographer unknown

Unlike some other icons of U.S. history – John James Audubon, Davy Crockett or Walt Whitman among thousands of others – most of those footnotes in local history – no one has ever named a town, part or other monument for McIlvaine or is there a definitive biography. One would think a poison mushroom, of which he ate several varieties, would have been the cause for his demise or perhaps by the hand of one of the sexual conquests, but he died of natural causes.

kids playing craps in an ally – 1910

An amazing development in software programming is shaping the economy –  The Amazing High-Speed Rise of the App Economy

In 2006, the term “App” as we know it did not exist. Today, the App Economy accounts for $20 billion in annual revenue, and it’s responsible for about 466,000 jobs in the US, according to a new study, “Where the Jobs Are: The App Economy,” which was just released by Technet.

466,000 is a lot of jobs. Though as a percentage of total U.S. jobs it is under 1%. As the article notes this is a trend to watch because the apps, mostly for smart phones has huge potential for growth. Currently about 44% of the population has smart phones with most of that among 25 and 34 year olds. As smart phones become the standard the app sales will increase. The increase will not just be about more apps for phones like we have now. Smart phones are increasingly becoming pocket computers. With that is the prediction they will be used to monitor our health – to take our blood pressure, remind us to take a pill and even call our doctor and things get really out of whack. That will be more apps and more sophisticated apps.

Paul Krugman notes Jonathan Chait Is Mean for calling out the unrelenting economic propaganda put out by loony conservative sugar daddies,

And he explains why:

There are just a lot of people out there exerting significant influence over the political debate who are totally unqualified. The dilemma is especially acute in the political economic field, where wealthy right-wingers have pumped so much money to subsidize the field of pro-rich people polemics that the demand for competent defenders of letting rich people keep as much of their money as possible vastly outstrips the supply. Hence the intellectual marketplace for arguments that we should tax rich people less is glutted with hackery.

Actually, I think he’s not mean enough here; some of the hacks know that they’re being hacks, and are putting out deliberate falsehoods.

The key reason we can’t have a polite debate is that one side keeps putting out the old discredited arguments, again and again.

The Fagettes – When I’m With You. Since we’re doing nostalgia today, Kink’s fans or fans or 60s R&B might find this reinvention and synthesis interesting.

In the summer of 2011, The Fagettes toured the west coast of the USA with Rotten Apples in a 6.5 ton military truck dubbed “The Deuce and a Half”. The film, shot with a Bolex Rex-4, captures these ruffians from Los Angles to San Francisco to Portland to Olympia to everywhere in between and back again.

Like the ham? download the EP, Vol. 2, for free

recorded by Mystic Steamship Co., Arlington, MA 2011

Fagettes are:
Jenne Nitishin
Ryan Major
Melanie Bernier
David Peaches Goodrich