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How anti-tax zealots fail to see the connection between reasonable taxes and the overall health of society.

Beyond some point, there seems to be little gain in satisfaction from bolstering your private spending. When mansions grow to 15,000 square feet from 10,000, for instance, the primary effect is merely to raise the bar that defines an adequate home among the superwealthy.

By contrast, higher spending on many forms of public consumption would produce clear gains in satisfaction for the wealthy. It’s reasonable to assume, for example, that driving on well-maintained roads is safer and less stressful than driving on pothole-ridden ones.

But that raises an obvious question: If wealthy taxpayers would be happier to drive slightly less expensive vehicles on better roads, why are so many of them vehemently opposed to the higher taxes needed for improved infrastructure?

One possible explanation is that they suffer from a simple cognitive illusion when they think about how higher taxes would affect them.

Continuing the benefits of paying for well paved roads, but an example of what conservatives should think if they genuinely value the concept of the stable family and a society in which crime is low. It is a proven that the more education a society has, the lower the crime rate. That applies to groups of people. If you find a suburb with a lower than average crime rate, regardless of race, religion or immigrant status, you’ll find people with more post secondary education than the national average. Thus if you want stable families, which those neighborhoods tend to have and you want to live in a society where it is generally safe to walk down the street, you should want to take the necessary steps to have  society, the nation, move towards accomplishing that goal. Yes it costs money, but as with any thing of value, you have to pay for it – unless you’re some kind of dirty hippie socialist or the kind of conservatives and rightie libertarians we have now. Let’s assume that conservatives and libertarians are sincere in their desire to have a stable prosperous and safe society. If they are and are still against paying reasonable taxes, than they would seem to have the very same attitude of the welfare queens that live on in the fetid imagination of the far Right. They want something for nothing, they want a free ride.

What a Drag – Here’s one reason we’re stuck in slow growth mode: the budget crunch among state and local governments. All governors are making cutbacks. Conservative governors are making the cutbacks including hundreds of thousands of laid-off employees and then shouting – see – the economy sucks. Part of the reason it still sucky, to some degree, is because thanks to these governors and the belief in the great mythical gods of austerity, there are fewer people with pay checks to buy stuff.

Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground, from the 90s. The beginning of blending sounds – rap, jazz, lounge, nu-jazz.

black and silver textures wallpaper


Would you like a shot of hazelnuts with that insanity: Romney and super PAC spent over $15 million in Florida. Gingrich and his backers spent $4 million.


We need to get this ten-year old one of those Newt Gingrich janitorial jobs than she would not be so poor.


White Shoulders

YOUR white shoulders
I remember
And your shrug of laughter.

Low laughter
Shaken slow
From your white shoulders.

by Carl Sandburg (1878–1967).  Chicago Poems.  1916.